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General Off Topic / Re: Leave or stay in the EU?
« on: May 10, 2016, 11:54:27 pm »
Drawing the line is one thing. Electing nazi wannabe parties is sure way to get your country fucked. Doesn't matter what they stand for, if you elect them you'll see their true colors.

Don't want immigrants to come in waves and your government isn't capable stopping it? Start a movement, demand referendum which will limit immigration. No need to elect scumbags who say they'll do it but in the end as rest of them corrupt bastards will just fill their own pockets.

Although I like most of you posts, especially when it comes to Slavs, I doubt that you have a clear picture of Denmark or Dansk Folkeparti...
First of all, there's no corruption in Denmark. And though there are some very rare cases of state resources are being misused or used in a wasteful way, I have not heard about Danish top politicians "filling their pockets" with anything, ever.
A referendum or a movement involving limiting immigration, or even a far less radical movement, will be instantly called chocolate chip cookie-einstein, and there will be just as big counter movement, and there will be trouble in the city. It's all happened before, it's all known, and it's not how it can work here ( it's only my opinion, and I'm Russian, so Danes are welcome to correct me if needed )
Copenhagen is a big city, but it's still only 1/4 - 1/5 of Danish population. Danes live in small cities. So demonstrations and anti-demonstrations, as they are called here, will mostly represent the central Copenhagen, where the majority of Enhedslisten voters ( ecological communist socialists or something) reside.
A proper voting is the only reasonable way of representing the whole of Denmark.
Dansk Folkepari is far less radical than a similar party would be in non-northern-Europe. I am an immigrant myself, and I still find their goals and current actions as very appealing. Personally, I want Denmark to be the way it was 15-20 years ago. I want it to be like this forever. I don't want any change, i don't want to "move on with the world's development" or whatever the fuck it's being called, I just don't want to let anyone fuck things up.
Fair vages for the workers, limit on luxury, proper elderly care, great state youth programs, high working ethics, state support of those who are truly in need, and I want to feel comfortable around everyone, feel safe everywhere, know that I can speak to anyone, and it's all good - cause I know that we all share same values, and Danish flags here and there for no reason other than its a one more good day in Denmark, cause it's hyggeligt :)

Now I can't look in the future, but I believe in the local voting system, and I would like to give a different politics a chance. You can always vote for someone else next time in 4 years :) and this much will not change for sure.

Spam / Re: The Temple of Spam
« on: May 10, 2016, 10:39:56 pm »

why do you russians have a word for "underwear armor"?

I have never heard that one before :) it's a modern linguistic creation no doubt. But it definitely sounds like something a Russian could come up with.

Now when we are talking about underware and Russian language - I still don't know why loose male underpants are called Семейные трусы - "family underpants"

Did you do this on purpose?

What do you mean?.. Do I rage on purpose?.. If so, then no :) it just happens, like when I need to pick up my souls, and I fall off a cliff, losing 50k. Or when I get pushed in a corner by 3 guys, and get hit-stunned with no chance of getting out.
It's not like I lose my cool every time I play, besides, I did so many invasions by now, that I leave few chances to the host ;)


Nice :) it's very hard to hit with imo, same as with Dark Hand's life drain... Too long charge-up. I've been testing to see if I can catch someone who is raising up after a crit, but no, there is more than enough time to roll out. May be in a chaos of battle, if you save it up for a surprise attack.

Awesome video! The victims raged no doubt :D few games could make me swear as bad as I do in DS - I lose control and mix English with Russian, making up new long words and such :) I even start kicking the air while sitting on a couch, siezuring and convulsing like a 5 year old. Once I had cramps in my neck after such a stunt.


I have actually reached hand-held storage limit on tongues :)

May I present - Lord Wart Locust:

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

Made the most annoying low lvl PvP char - a sl17 dragon with 26 vigor :) I invade people on the wall for the most part, use a white branch or just play dead with a ring that makes me look "human" - people been walking past me, or stare for a bit and walk away :) sometimes I just squat in a corner, but since no one is expecting a dragon - they just think I am a part of the scenery.
Had so many laughs with this shit :D

They had to throw a bone to the 12 year old customers... I still consider the making of a major FPS title in a hundred year old setting, to be a bold move. It would be so much easier and safe to be unrestrained by any historical limits, and go for an alien attack future. All sorts of colorful orbs and rays are flying around, people and aliens are flying around, huge robots with legs are flying around too - everyone is fucking happy.
Even if they plague the game with "experimental tesla-guns", especially probable with later expansions, one can count on some minor degree of taste when it has to fit in the rest of the game.

Spam / Re: The Temple of Spam
« on: May 07, 2016, 03:30:49 am »
And they're not 4 page shorts either, they're pretty lengthy  :)

Exactly, the artist was full of wonderful ideas and didn't bother with small details, just raw 300 page duck on duck action.

Spam / Re: The Temple of Spam
« on: May 07, 2016, 02:08:04 am »
I've seen some shit before, but those Ducktales took me by surprise - had some good laughs :D Such pure simplistic style, the author clearly enjoyed his work, so it was less of an art and more of a great vision to share.

You should also be even more skeptical because it's EA, and their products ALWAYS end up being bad for a reason or another, this is the rule since a few years now.

And was this a guy running and gunning with an LMG that I just saw in the trailer ? Like seriously ?

Does it mean that this BF game is being made by a different developer?.. Hmm, if it's not the same guys who made bf4 - I don't know what to expect...

Confirmed, this is a WW1 game guys

Fucking amazing!!! Going to take an exclusive deluxe preorder, or whatever else they have on this one!
Damn, finally something different, if only visually, from what there is on the market!

Them WW1 games will pop up now, as small companies will try to get some of that reflected hype.



Have you seen that green barbaric gas cloud? Cavalry and zeppelins?! I was seriously just dumping the first few things that came while I was taking a smoking break at work, in the earlier post today, and it was all in the video!
Judging by the quality and amount of content in BF4 pack, I am close to becoming an early believer, even though I am normally very skeptical and calm about most games until they are released :)


That armored minigun dude was a bit too much, but hell, as long as it's done in a relatively believable way - I can live with him. I just want to charge a tank on my Rebecca, set it on fire with some sort of improvise Molotov, and chop down the crew as they pop out in panic!

Game devs usually don't make non-fantasy WWI games because they would be rather boring - most of the time, it's just sitting in a trench and trying not to get hit. Also weapons weren't that diverse (except some extremes), so there's not much room for arcade fun here either. EA probably ran out of ideas and will make an overhyped, overmarketed clone of a clone. But maybe they'll make something like H&G, minus the game-killing grind since it won't (?) be free to play.

I doubt they have balls big enough to pull a ww1 game through, but I would love to see an authentic BF game set up in that period. It's all true about lack of weapons, but they could focus on tanks, airplanes, zeppelins, cavalry, etc. chance is slim though...
If it has anything to do with even close future - I will skip this game, as I skipped hardline.

It's about time they go back to the good old WW2, and let us clear a village screaming "За родину! За Сталина! Урааааааа!" I want political officer class equipped with a red flag, and machinegun squad preventing enemies of the Soviet people to retreat from the battlefield!

Recently bough the game, I'm aiming for UGS (max str) and lots of vitality/vigor + heavy armor.
Can I avoid dumping any points in every other stats and still be viable tank?

Absolutely! Although without investing in endurance,  i would suggest using a tower shield with as high stability as you can find, and using a 1h weapon. Base stamina will only allow you 2-3 swings with large weapons, and guarding with a small shield / low stability will drain your stamina almost instantly, and imo an unreliable shielding is worse than no shield at all.

General Off Topic / Re: The Trumphog has seen its shadow
« on: May 05, 2016, 02:02:26 pm »
Even though I don't really have any proper opinion regarding US politics, and don't allow myself to judge if one or another president would be good for American people, I find it kind of odd that out of such a large population, Americans have to choose between Clinton and Trump...
They both seem to be twisted, if not broken inside, and I find it hard to believe they can represent the majority...
Imo Bill Clinton was a very cool president. I would like to be friends with Bill. There is something very positive about him. Obama definitely has his charm, very calm and self assured, at least on the outside.
It would probably be very uneasy for me, as a voter, to trust the new candidates... As I said before, I know little details, so it's my very uneducated opinion, based on local newspaper articles and short YouTube clips.

Anyways, I wish you all good luck with the next elections, and hope that whoever wins, will turns things for the best, or at least will not cause any major trouble inside or outside of the US.

So im making a dancer cosplay kind of character, and i know about the cheese so i was going to do it but apparently you cant kill vordt before otherwise the summoning sign for sword master dissapears. So after killing him and realising this i chose the hard route and fought for like 1-2 hours with the dancer, +2 weapon at sl20, but i finally got the twin blades. They are probably shit but they look epic. Damage might be good with both fire and magic clutch rings.

Don't go over lvl 20 and put god's fear in everyone on the wall and the settlement! Rosaria demands it so!

General Off Topic / Re: HBO's Game of Thrones. [No Book Spoilers]
« on: May 04, 2016, 11:08:17 pm »
dragons came in like season 1 fam lmao

Really?.. There were a couple of eggs in the first and they were cat sized in a single 10 second long scene in the second.


Anyways, if there is finally some dragon carnage in the new season, I will have a look :)

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