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Suggestion: Lock Strategus battles until new round begins


Sandersson Jankins:
All I really want is for this lovely autistic mod to be even half as populated as the days of glory of which memories often run through my head and bring a grin to my face. I've had several conversations with fellow internet spergs regarding strategus lately. I ain't trying to bitch at nobody or about anything.

Anyway, for the last 2-3 weeks that I've found myself playing the game nearly every day, I've noticed something that I am surely not alone in. NA1's population is quite better than it has been in the near and far past; been really loving topping out at ~65 or so on NA1. Absolutely fantastic and some older faces coming back is really cool. Unfortunately, there are some problems with the Test Round of strat that we find ourselves in temporarily.

I've seen the server repeatedly killed in its infancy by strat battles (that folk are going to complain about if they get back in NA1, putting a bad taste in new/returning players mouths) in this test round. I understand the necessity of testing certain faction balance elements (of which I also have plenty of quibbles but thats not here nor there atm) and things like that. Even so, it is folly to expect the players of this mod en masse to completely understand and be cool with shitty battles going on killing NA1. You've basically got 20-30 nerds throughout different timezones and schedules that are probably gonna show up to every battle regardless. You've got a few that won't show up to anything unless asked or they get a wild hair up their ass. But mostly, you've got people that won't show up unless they think its gonna be FUN.

Further, with the large returning population and even several new players, we really want them to join up to as full of a server as possible. If they see 20-30 max my old friendets in an awful siege or naked hijinks or other shit experience and 15 people on NA1 it ain't gonna be as good for *continued* population and play as 50-60 fuckers in NA1 having a good time.

Please Dave or other requisite authorities, I beg you. For the sake of this mod, will you just lock strategus until the reset on the 26th? I should've requested this a week ago or more, but oops. Frankly, I don't care all that much about people having a poor time in the battles of this round. They are there by their own volition and free will, after all. Those fuckers could just leave and be like "wow what a shit battle good thing i didn't stay for 30 minutes or more and be pissed off lol". But the people just trying to return to the game, the new players, and the (likely most intelligent of us all) players that simply won't participate in anything less than a good battle are who I am concerned about.

ninja nerd edit: keep chinaman/eurotrash strategus battles open because lol. keep test battles because "test"

i understand this, though i don't want really to see something like this implemented because it will take away player choice as to what mode to play. however, while i am happy and excited that dave has put lots of time and effort into rejuvenating the mod, i think there are some glaring problems right now;

* strategus having too many factions
* strategus factions being grossly unbalanced
* (note: this is not dave's fault) people throwing in loads of new items that are poorly balanced
* tons of these items not even having proper quality control, also why do we need tons of more weeb gear?
* strategus battles taking too long
* strat battles not being exciting enough (ie ive heard complaints about having too run too much, might be a problem b/c people don't know how to build FS)
i think some of the features of strat can stay changed, but i think we should return some normalcy to it so it seems familiar to returning players. also, i think attackers should be favored once again, but this might require a splitting of strat maps back to NA and EU because the EU's have the time advantage when things are attacker favored. I think if we are able to have a healthy strat once again and a healthy NA1, things might be looking good for crpg.


Sandersson Jankins:

--- Quote from: Thryn on April 20, 2019, 06:20:17 pm ---i understand this, though i don't want really to see something like this implemented because it will take away player choice as to what mode to play.

--- End quote ---

you were right about everything else you posted and any other time i would agree, but even in the battles that are well-prepared for and at first glance seem like they might be fun....its just pretty much a bad experience even for the dedicated stratlads. it's only 9 days of no strat battles, and just THINK of the NA1 population. we've gotta grow that shit and get folk back into the game, and NA1 is the move. strat battles before the 26th will not help one bit, and they may hurt quite a bit for various reasons.


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