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how famous is the above player?

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everyone on NA knows his name


This kid's the knight of friendship and racism. Just about sums it all up. Pls unban.

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--- Quote from: Havelle Registered Voter on February 04, 2018, 04:28:24 pm ---Pretty much the only thing in cRPG that never changed. Like a fixture, a mainstay. You were always there at times that I was there, also. In an ever changing world, you are the only constant. Here's to you, buddy

--- End quote ---


One of the top oldf4gs of cRPG.  Hated by all on NA for his lightning-fast longaxe.   Pathological poster of dank memes (actually, that's James).

A fellow 2d polearm enthusiast, we touched tips once or twice. Can't say his name without getting banned. Swell guy.


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