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What issues should I report?
You should report crashes, bugs and significant performance drops compared to the old client (with equivalent settings).

What additional information do I have to provide when reporting an issue?
Most of the time just a description of the issue will be enough. If we need additional information we will instruct you on how to retrieve/provide it.

How can I switch to DirectX 7 mode?
You can't. The WSE2 client does not support DirectX 7.

How can I access the Mount&Blade Warband launcher (the one where you can change module, graphics settings, edit mode...)?
You can't. Some options have been moved to the in-game setting screens, some have been discontinued and some will be added in the future.

I was a closed beta tester and the beta launcher doesn't work anymore.
It's intended. You'll need to use the regular cRPG launcher from now on.

I use another language and all new options are untranslated.
Translations for the new options are currently not available.

What does "Reduce Framerate Limit Input Lag" do?
It reduces input lag caused by a low frame limit setting. It will have no effect if your actual frame rate is lower than the limit.

What does "Reduce CPU Usage?" do?
It prevents the game from using too much CPU power when not needed (mostly menus). If you have a weak CPU it might decrease your performance and you should consider turning it off.


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