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I will do my best to answer as many questions as possible in this topic.  Please do not spam it.

1)  How do I make gold?
- by playing cRPG you get 1 gold per x2 and x3 multiplier and 2 gold per x4 and x5 multiplier.  Confirmed as still being in the game by Alpha
- you gain 10 gold every hour in Strat so long as you are not recruiting troops and still have Strat ticks from playing cRPG
- trading goods by buying in 1 fief and selling in another fief will make you gold.  The price you sell your goods for depends on the goods price in the fief you are selling in and the distance to the fief you bought the goods in.
- raiding goods from other players will allow you to sell them yourself for cash.
- owning a fief will make you money through taxes

2) What is the new distance bonus formula?
-  The distance bonus formula is =IF(Distance<60,200*COS((Distance*PI()/60)-PI())+150,320+Distance/2)

3) How do I buy goods and equipment?
- simply walk into any fief and purchase them.
- In order to buy goods you must have enough cash for the number you are buying and the fief must have enough supply and demand.

4) What is supply and demand (S&D)?
- This is the number of goods transactions that can be made in a given fief. 
- A transaction is either the sale or purchase of goods and the number of goods per transaction depends on the fief's goods price
- 5 gold price = 200% goods per transaction
- 15 gold price = 100% goods per transaction
- 25 gold price = 50% good per transaction
- where Base goods per transaction = 1

5)  What is prosperity?
- Prosperity is the number of transaction a fief gains per day
- This can be increased by production points

6) How do I recruit?
- Simply set your troop cap above your current number of troops and ensure you have strat ticks

7) What is the upkeep on troops?
- Upkeep = ceil((pow(#troops,1.6)*0.035 - 56) / 24)
- Upkeep of garrisoned troops in fiefs = ceil((pow($troops, 1.02) * 1 - 100)/24)

8) What are production points?
- These are the points fief owners get in order to specialise their fiefs.
- They can be invested into loomed items, discounted items, higher prosperity, altered tax rates or altered goods prices
- Spent points can be respecced for a loss of 50% of points but this takes 7 days to take effect and if the fief is captured in that time the respec will be cancelled* needs confirming
- Villages gain 1 PP per day
- Castles gain 5 PP per day
- Town gain 7 PP per day

9) What was suggested for Strat 4 but left due to time restraints
- AI Caravans and Bandits

10)  How does the Towncenter work?
- when you go to sell an item you will get the option to change the price from the default.  If you do this and increase the price the item will go on the marketplace instead.
- everybody can see all marketplace offers but you have to be in the same fief to actually buy an item.
- you only get the money if the item gets bought when using the marketplace

11)  How does AI hiring work?
- if you don't hire anybody on for your roster manually, the AI will step in and hire people
- to override the AI simply remove everybody and then re-hire someone yourself

12) How does auto peasant gear work?
- if you are naked you get free peasant gear for all your troops
- this gear will disappear after the battle
- only defenders get free peasant gear

Is it me or are strategus ticks only used up when you are inside a fief?


--- Quote from: [ptx] on September 19, 2012, 01:29:04 pm ---Is it me or are strategus ticks only used up when you are inside a fief?

--- End quote ---

It's only you... I loose ticks outside too.

Then it is bugged. I have 1 strat tick left for over 24h now, have neither made any gold nor recruited any troops.


--- Quote from: [ptx] on September 19, 2012, 01:31:55 pm ---Then it is bugged. I have 1 strat tick left for over 24h now, have neither made any gold nor recruited any troops.

--- End quote ---

I believe thats a rounding error (display error). I had a similar issue when transferring money to the bank... the last 1 gold couldn't be transferred.


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