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What are you listening to?

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Figure I'll edit this for new comers:

This is where you can post your favorite and/or interesting music, with the intent of sharing it with others.  Or you can just surf though the 80+ pages and find some new material to listen to.

However, it would be great if people could put their embedded videos into spoilers, that would be great.  Some people have a hard time loading pages that have dozens of youtube videos on it. 

Also, please, if you have multiple songs to post, keep them in one post.  No need to make several posts in a row.

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Hypercaine - DJ Fresh


--- Quote from: Dexxtaa on February 09, 2011, 05:11:49 am ---Hypercaine - DJ Fresh

--- End quote ---

Nice, I'm pretty open to all sorts of music but usually that kind of stuff I don't like. But that's not bad.

EDIT: This is where I'm at now:

Before you start you will need subs for this.
But it's still good if you don't

First Dubstep I've ever heard and still my favorite:
Another favorite:

Millencolin : pretty much all of it :)

Right Now

Bad Religion : shit I used to skate to back in the early 90's :)


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