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Last Oasis Announcement
« on: October 20, 2019, 09:17:26 pm »
We've been busting our balls to get this ready(inappropriate language), two years of hard work(obviously a lie), still going strong. I _think_ we have something really cool here(He is being insincere), a new setting, new gameplay mechanics, and a lot of trollishness as usual. It is in many ways a survival game, so not everyone may be into that(no one is into a bs game), but a strong focus is obviously melee combat, clan warfare, economy and other things we learned from cRPG/strategus.

We're now publishing ourselves, which is so much better than the situation was with OKAM.(another obvious lie.) We get to make all decisions with trailers, release dates, direction, and things are going quite differently.(ye ye we believe in you)

We hope that some of you will like it(none of us did), we've been trying to avoid mistakes of our past, get better, and do something cool.(this guy is a real swindler lol) If you want to hate(yes) that's cool as well, but know that it will make me cry myself to sleep at night.(CRY FOR AN ETERNITY PLEASE)

(Fuck all admins!)