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NA Community Sever : 80 man Battle
« on: April 01, 2011, 01:50:55 am »
*CRPG FORUM ADMINS - I could not start this thread in the Server Info section of the Forums. - Please make a copy of this post there as well.*


Hello everyone, in the following post you will find many situations that you might find yourself faced with on any given day, accompanied by the recommended admin action, as well as ways you can avoid undesirable situations!

We have a zero tolerance Racism policy, this includes comments, names, allegories, anything that is racist in any way!

-Recommended Action-
1st offense: Player told to change name and immediately kicked.
2nd offense: If any other racist situation occurs with player, Immediate ban without warning. No time-frame for unban given.
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-Team Killing and Team wounding-
Team killing and Team wounding have several different levels and situations that they might occur in. The policy is : any intentional Team wounding or Team killing will lead to Immediate or post punishment, this also Includes a teammates Horse!

-Recommended Action-
1st Offense: On a first offense the admin has several options, they may choose to warn the Offending player or they may instantly kick the player without warning.
2nd Offense: The admin again has several options, they may choose to warn the player and kick them, they may choose to immediately kick the player, or they may choose to Ban the player for a short period of time.
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Ah yes, Leeching, the plague of the siege server. Leeching takes several forms, which will be addressed below. The Policy is that all players must actively participate in the battle, with very few exceptions.

-Recommended Action-
1st offense: Player should be warned to Join the battle, if no response, the player should be kicked.
2nd Offense: Admin has several options, admin may choose to warn again and kick without response, kick without warning, or ban for a short period of time.
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I figured I would tie this up in one category as they are all chat related offenses. We have trolls a plenty in CRPG and they are tolerated to a certain degree but there are limits to free speech. The policy is that Excessive Trolling/Raging/Spamming is unacceptable.

-Recommended Action-
1st Offense: Player should be muted and warned to Stop trolling/Raging/Spamming
2nd Offense: The admin has several options, kick without warning, or Banned for a period of time.
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-Construction Sites-
The use of construction sites is forbidden on all servers, except the Duel server.

-Recommended Action-
1st Offense: Depending on the result of the Construction site, if the map is ruined, the player be immediately removed. Player should be warned about use of Construction site if it does not affect the map.
2nd Offense: Immediate ban, Undetermined time frame.
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-Common Sense & Fair Play-
Glitching terrain and walls is forbidden. Use common sense. Floating ladders (ladders that defeat gravity laws) and abusing such bugs or glitches is against the spirit of fair play and not tolerated on our servers.

-Delaying Rounds-
The delaying of rounds makes everyone upset and you should try to avoid it. The policy is that you must actively engage your enemy at all times. It is acceptable for characters to seek strategic position by falling back - but not running away to draw out the round.

-Recommend Action-
1st Offense: Player should be warned and then Kicked if they do not engage.
2nd Offense:Player should be immediately kicked or banned for a short period of time.
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-Team Horse Bumping-
Horse bumping your team is no different then putting a sword in their back, it is basically a different form of team wounding. The policy is that Intentional team bumping is unacceptable.

-Recommend Action-
1st Offense: Player should be warned, depending on the severity, may be instantly kicked.
2nd Offense: Admin has several options, player may be warned, immediately kicked, Or Banned for a short period of time.

-The Infamous No Douchebaggery Rule-
This rule has been debated by many players for a long time, and this rule is what we use when people who come to the servers with the only intention of making everyone else have a shitty time while they sit in teamspeak squealing with delight at the mayhem they are causing. does not tolerate Douchebags who try to ruin the game for others.

-Recommended Action-
What the admin deems necessary, within reason.
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-Forcing Duels/Bro Love-
Now that banner balance has been added to the game, it's rare to see this happen anymore, regardless, showing mercy to your friends who may be on the other team or forcing your teammates to fight your friends alone is unacceptable. The policy is that Forcing Duels is unacceptable. However, at the end of a round if you have a few people who are all consenting to duel to decide the round, this is acceptable.

-Recommended Action-
1st Offense: Player should be warned, if player ignores, Player should be kicked.
2nd Offense: Admin has several options, player can be warned, kicked, or banned for a short period of time.
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-Unban Rules-

If you are banned for a rules violation, DO NOT lie, misrepresent the truth, or call admin abuse if it did not happen. If you are found to be lying when asking to be unbanned, your ban will be extended. To be unbanned, suck it up, admit what actually happened, and politely ask to be unbanned. These bans, despite the server saying "permanent" are NOT permanent and act only as time-outs.


That sums up all of the Rules for servers at the moment, if we have missed any they will be added when they are brought to our attention. Keep in mind that all action that an admin takes are at their discretion and the above recommendations are just that, recommendations, so take them with a grain of salt. So follow the above rules kids and if you ever have any questions about anything, feel free to ask an admin on the forums. Admins are there to make sure everyone plays the game the way its meant to be played, if you follow the above rules you will be playing there uninterrupted. If you break them, you will face the consequences. These are privately owned servers - if we feel like evicting you off our property because you are being a jerk, a smartass or playing/twisting words to get away with things, then we have the right to remove you. DO NOT DISCUSS ADMIN DECISIONS IN-GAME - That's what the forums and PMs are for.
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