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I wonder, did NA ever invade EU?

The Chamber of Tears / Re: R.I.P. Gothic Place with Bevor
« on: June 23, 2016, 02:56:17 pm »
gtfo of my thread.

The Chamber of Tears / R.I.P. Gothic Place with Bevor
« on: June 19, 2016, 01:32:27 am »
I can't use my beloved armour. QQ. cRPG is dead.

cRPG Technical problems / Re: No mirrors
« on: March 06, 2016, 12:35:17 am »
iza and I've had this problem for more than a week too...

Suggestions Corner / Re: Open-Source Víkingr Armor!
« on: August 19, 2015, 12:13:01 am »
While it's not impossible that the cRPG developers can get permission to use these items, they are not open source. They were made by Moeckerkalfie for the more recent patches of Víkingr - years after Rath0s stopped working on the mod.

That said, Víkingr is not being developed further and all it would take is to ask Moeckerkalfie himself.

Realism Discussion / Re: Knockdown from horse.
« on: May 24, 2015, 01:05:55 pm »
They did it in The Deluge, so it is possible.

And Víkingr. I'm all for it.

(Another feature from Víkingr that I'd like to see even more is the "minimum range script" for pole arms)

I've been trying a build that includes throwing (not very optimal, Norman-look-alike), and I'm sorely disappointed. Firstly I found out that you require HA to use throwing weapons on horseback, okay, that 3 HA made the hybrid build less viable - but it should be worth it!

Think, throwing a man-lenght spear from horseback at full speed should kill anything it hits! But it hardly does any damage ~~

Not even horses go down without using your three throwing lances (yes, three because of the hybrid) - and sometimes not even that is enough... Horses! Horses that die from the slightest contact with arrows...

Now, I'd suggest lowering the amount of throwing lances (in your magical, invisible bag) to one. Keep it 2 slot, by all means, after all, it is almost as long as a 2 slot spear. Though one could argue that 1 slot would be better, also enabling some hoplites etc. to use them. But for God's sake, make it do some proper damage! It should have the same punch as a couched great lance when thrown at full speed from a horse.

The Val-de-Saire Event is this coming Sunday, go ahead and sign up on the TaleWorlds thread, everyone is welcome!

All you need to do is state your name (for historically suitable names to pick, see here and here) and which faction you'd like to fight for, Engle (Anglo-Saxons) or Normant (Normans)

(click to show/hide)

As I said, the only time we get any decent amount of players is during events.

Here's footage from our last historical event in November (Battle of Maldon) and one of our old events featuring Norman cavalry (Val-es-Dunes):

In terms of regular players every day, c-rpg is more alive. Víkingr does have some nice events still though. Namely the Shieldwall Events every month, and these big events that happen less often (they're quite different in their approach - the first relying on strict rules to portray shieldwall battles, the other a more traditional battle with several hosts acting individually). I'm just trying to get some zombies from in here to join the zombies of Víkingr for a grand evening or two!

It was there only to draw your attention, of course! You should also check out our Norman faction leader, the visquens, followed by his loyal company of the viscunte.

Evidently much fun in this event!

Join, join!

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"After gathering a large flock, willing to ravage the land with burning fire and flame and striking with swords..."
(Life of St. Léger)

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 Viking fleets returned to Normandy. They had often found safe harbour there in the past, a constant source of dispute with king Æþelréd of England until the Pope mediated a truce between king and count ten years ago; but the count had died and his son, Richard II, had welcomed the Vikings again as their onslaught on England heightened. They conquered at Maldon and fell on London, and many of them took tribute and settled down as men of the king; but still others ravaged the shores of England for three full years before sailing to Normandy with their spoils.

Æþelréd was quick to exploit the respite, however, as he laid waste to Cumberland and the Isle of Man, known Viking bases in the Irish Sea; but his attention soon turned to Normandy. At Portsmouth he gathered another ship-fyrd, ready to cross the sea and do the most harm to Richard, that he may stop supporting the pirates. Ælfríc son of Ælfhere, ealdorman of Hampshire, was chosen as the captain, even though some whispered that he was a friend to the Danes; and he was to be assisted by a Danish steersman, Pallig son of Tókig, one of those who had accepted Æþelréd’s terms and entered his service.

But even before they came to land near Barfleur, the Norman lookouts spied the fleet in the horizon, and swiftly they rode to warn the young Niel, viscount of the Cotentin, Richard’s friend and most trusted captain. Together with his companion Alvreid Gaianz, “the Giant”, he mustered his host at Coutances and marched on the Saire valley to defend his land and folk against the invaders, gathering many stragglers along the way in his hurried advance towards the columns of smoke in the distance that marked where the English had burned down a village along the coast.

It was a pleasant summer day in the Saire valley, and the histories of England and Normandy were about to become inextricably intertwined.

Date: Sunday, May 17th at 19:00 BST/UTC+1

Where: Vikingr_Event_Server

TeamSpeak Address:

Víkingr Mod Version: Víkingr 1.0

For sign-ups: TaleWorlds thread

Individuals are required to sign up on the TaleWorlds thread; please refer to the sign-up section there for details.
Any groups/clans that wish to play in a host of their own need to contact the main organiser, Déorláf Ósrédinga, or me, Terkild/Þorkell Erlinga, via PM here, on TaleWorlds, or on Steam.

... and all the other things floating around out there / Víkingr
« on: May 05, 2015, 08:48:13 pm »

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Raid game mode. The attackers have to bring torches, burn target houses and then pick up the loot.
Longboat battle, where two ships meet to fight.
Lots of new equipment.
Beautiful maps and sounds that will get you into the right atmosphere.
Troop limiter, to get rid of archer and cav spam, keeping it balanced.
Decapitation, you will be able to chop off heads!
Standards that heal and motivate you teammates.
Spears that break on impact.
Warriors that fall off their horse.
Disarm your opponents by riding them over, get them off their horse or punch them!
Horns that you can blow by pressing "H".
You can crouch by pressing "C".
You can taunt by pressing "Q" and for shield bash taunting by pressing the block button + "Q".
Optional script based range checks for polearms and axes.
Optional limit on attacker lives in siege mode

Víkingr Shieldwall Events are held every first Sunday each month.
Great Historical Events are held about 2-4 times a year.

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Faction Halls / Re: Somewhat Historically Accurate Knights
« on: March 07, 2015, 01:15:18 pm »
Go for a kettle helmet instead.

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