Author Topic: Hey, I would really love to play again,...  (Read 851 times)

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Hey, I would really love to play again,...
« on: August 23, 2019, 09:18:43 am »
Hey, I would really love to play again,...mordhau just doesn't have that durability of playability that crpg has. Nor does it have my years of experience (by that I mean my hours of play translated to literal years of actual time (NO SHAME!!!)) Anyway, So when I started up my cRPG launcher the other day, first off, the launcher didn't have a wse2 beta to click on also when I ran the repair on a fresh launch, it did a very strange thing to me... It wouldn't update any of my visuals, so I would be looking at the same image constantly, until I minimized into windows using ctrl+alt+del to get into task manager. When I did that, get into windows with crpg minimized and then reopen the game, the visual would be uploaded. This was in effect throughout me trying to all of my keyboard commands would have an effect in the game, but I wouldn't see any of them on my end until I minimized and reopened. I did recently put in a new video card and this is the first time I've opened crpg or even warband since then.... Anyone got any idea what the problem is and how I could fix it? I would really love to be able to help repopulate.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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