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[H]ello! friends,

Just starting a topic here as the situation over in EU land is getting pretty dire. Yesterday we had about 15 people on EU7 (DTV) in the evening primetime, probably the most I've seen on EU since it's return (yay)....sadly however, after what felt like an eternity of dreadful awful rubbish map followed by more dreadful awful rubbish broken maps and several players just leeching and spamming jibberish in chat we were soon down to just 4 people. (2 of whom were just spamming voice commands*, teamhitting us and V and basically just actively working against the team). So the 15 or so inevitably soon became 0...and what could've been a really fun night just ended with everyone alt-f4ing....very frustrating! And all these issues could have been simply solved by having an EU admin present, simply just to change maps and warn the non contributors to help us out, I mean it shouldn't be that we have to hope and pray that on the very tiny off chance an NA admin just happens to be skiving off work and happens to hop on to put us out of our misery  :|

The current EU community is much smaller than NA, and I fear that it's only going to shrink further if it continues like this, and a solid admin really would make a massive difference. We're not after a dictator, just a chilled and reasonable fella to do the basics (mainly during the primetime 6-9pm period).

Note - I'm ofc happy to nominate myself, but can also recommend a couple of other solid EU guys for the position as I'm sure others can too.

(*Yes I am aware of the irony of a krems member complaining about VC spam, so QGS! :P)

[T]hank you! and have a good day!

ill apply as i have no life and play almost every day


--- Quote from: Rest_in_Peace on November 11, 2021, 03:32:31 pm ---ill apply as i have no life and play almost every day

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--- Quote from: Yeldur on November 11, 2021, 03:38:29 pm ---fired

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stfu retard

zottlmarsch, Jony, and RiP have been given EU admin rights. Be nice.


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