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Yes Yes yies yies,the one that holds their breath longest win the competition,liar pinocchios can suck my long dick with their long nose won't interrupt it cuz mine is long.

simply hold your breath close your nose and count it.

my personal score is 1 min

(don't be suicidal plz,this is just a game james)

i tried this and i died


--- Quote from: DupreIsAbundle of sticks on October 29, 2019, 07:18:56 pm ---i tried this and i died

--- End quote ---

I got 1 minute 28 second but I exhaled once, does it count as cheating? I didn't breathe in after starting the time

No it doesn’t count ,i think we have a winner,btw jaöes might have killed himaelf while trying so we can count him as winner cuz his already dead inside


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