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Basic Event Guidelines


 Basic Guidelines for events:
* Create your event’s main thread located inside the Events forum with the thread title formatted as seen below.
* Check the Server Bookings thread to schedule a time for your event that won’t create conflicts with any other events (always expect your event to run longer than intended). Bookings are first come first serve and have to be updated manually, so read a few posts before yours to make sure someone else hasn’t already claimed that time.
* Consider posting a thread in the General Discussion section advertising your event.
* Take screenshots at the beginning and end of the event so raffle tickets can properly be assigned.
* Players are suggested to use the Scheduling board to coordinate between teams to setup their match time.

(click to show/hide)[Server]Event name[time, including time zone|date]
 [EU 8]Tuetensuppe's Obstacle Course[18:00 GMT|May 16]
 [NA 8]Tydeus' 5v5 Tourney(No need for a date if it's a larger tourney that can't be completed on a single day)


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