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This board is for admin feedback. You can post feedback about any admin on any server but do not create multiple threads for the same admin. These threads are just for discussion - zerging a thread telling how some admin is EVIL and MEAN does  not mean that admin will get fired.

Keep the discussion civil - behavior rules apply on this board just the same as on other boards. Excessive trolling will lead to warnings.

If thread about the admin you want to give feedback on is missing, feel free to create it. Stick to the title format:
[Server name] Admin name

[Global] Espu

Admins can also create their own threads to encourage feedback (and get their name on top of the thread. :P).

This thread will be extended, check back.

What happened to the praise Thomek thread????  :cry:

Merged to Thomek abooz thread.

Haaa nu forum part for extended raging. Nice.

whose idea is this?  Might as well move this all to the spam forum because thats what most of it is.  You didnt tell them what poll to use so they just made their own meaningless ones


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