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General Off Topic / Re: Gym Thread 2017
« on: July 28, 2017, 12:24:16 am »
I am 1.98m with flatfeet, squats were/will never be good as my other excersises, I have to live with that.
We are the same height (I'm a little taller being 6'5") but my squat is significantly higher than anything else I can lift. I can clean 325, bench 350, I don't do incline because I hate it and it kills my shoulders, but my squat is 545, which is way higher than my other numbers. I'd love to have your stats Panos. I got football offers from D1/2 schools, but most were preferred walk-on. I NEED TO BE PANOS. I must start hunting turks on an average basis now.

The Chamber of Tears / Re: Needs to be talked about
« on: July 27, 2017, 01:40:24 am »
Who is Havelle and why was he banned? I'm a poor United Caliphate Kingdom cuck in need of enlightenment

He's the reason we are all here. Havelle is like an angel that chose to live with mankind instead of in Heaven. He is the father and mother of SpookIsland and brother of Farmer Nate. He is Havelle. He's banned because the admins knew that he was the second coming of Jesus and wanted to stop the prophecy.

The Chamber of Tears / Re: Needs to be talked about
« on: July 26, 2017, 11:56:15 pm »

General Off Topic / Re: Gym Thread 2017
« on: July 26, 2017, 09:16:57 am »
Can't be that hard. We are all fat.

He plans to become a vigilante and hunt tax evading greeks i think

A traitor to his own kind, I am ashamed of Panos, he is nothing like the stories said.

General Off Topic / Re: Gym Thread 2017
« on: July 26, 2017, 09:05:13 am »

Incilne bench press 1x170
Bench press 1x220
Squats 1x150

Bench is higher than squat, how are you gonna catch any Turks like that?

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

Sell/Trade / +3 Flambard for trade!
« on: July 26, 2017, 08:51:11 am »
I have a +3 Flambard if anyone is interested, I loomed it but I'm not interested in the weapon as it is too slow for me. I'm looking for +3 Estoc/Longsword or maybe another 2h. not quite sure

NA (Official) / Re: Unban Havelle
« on: July 26, 2017, 08:45:02 am »
Were you Bald_Seattle_Snowflake or NotSparvico?


The Chamber of Tears / Re: Needs to be talked about
« on: July 26, 2017, 08:37:26 am »
Seadle at this point I know you didn't select your name knowing it would land you in trouble.

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The Chamber of Tears / Re: Needs to be talked about
« on: July 25, 2017, 11:42:06 pm »
Since when was that abuse? As your entire argument hinges on that point.

Admins review all name changes before they approve them. That has always been the case. Part of this reason has been to prevent players from creating unacceptable names.

Now for a character you create brand new, admins do not get the same visibility. You don't have to wait for an admin's approval in order to start playing, so that's a good thing. But, as and when they become aware of a name that goes against the rules of cRPG, they reserve the right to change it. Since you were keen to point out you've been here since 2011, does any of this ring any bells? It's always been like this, that's always been within their remit, so in what sense is it suddenly now abuse?

I know for a fact in years gone by Panos has had his 'hilarious' names changed to equally 'hilarious' names by the admin or dev team.

If you're still determined to play dumb on the subject of 'Hitler' being banned, browse the forum for any Nazi or Hitler themed clans, their threads are typically locked and their authors muted. Or search the 'unban' section for people crying about being banned for having Nazi symbols on their banner, or for having names like yours in years gone by. Or, simply try typing the word 'Hitler' or 'Nazi' on this forum, even now you need to be creative to get around the filter.

cRPG has always treated these things separately, you really must be new as you're identifying that this 'Needs to be talked about' many years after a consensus was reached. Why should new devs be any different?

*from a quick lookup:
Ah, of course I see it now! You must not be a fan of Wolfenstein either, see my previous posts about it not being the fact that the name had Hitler in, but the fact that I wanted to be the final boss of Wolfenstein 3D. I'll say it again, I could've started off with a worse tyrant had I wanted to troll, which I did not. I am a very big fan of Wolfenstein. Use some common sense and figure out that if you put 2 and 2 together it's not 6.

Side note: I've been much longer than you.

Is the name InFidel Castro taken?
Yes, FidelCastroIRL is taken by some archer.

At the end of the day an admin with no experience abused his power and I can't understand why that's bad. The alternative in every historical case I've seen where the character has Hitler in their name is to simply permanently ban the user and send them a PM telling them to change the name in order to be unbanned.

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Fixed your post.

Y-y-y.. You mean like what happened? I cannot believe that I'd have to do what the admin says to be unbanned. The admin that issued the ban unbanned me, someone outside of the incident used his power to further alter my account after action had already been taken/reversed.

When people think they should have special privileges to break the rules
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When people cannot beat Nocturnal Missions.

okay I'll kinda just toss my penny in here and state some things.

- first and foremost I am no longer a member of the admin team and definitely not speaking for them...

Seadle: I half agree with you on certain conditional things. However, the initial name itself is what put you in this situation. The fact remains had you not decided to skurt the gray areas of the rules; ones that aren't even so gray mind you. You could not have possibly been put in this position, where a dev toyed with certain aspects of your account. Drawing attention to yourself is where you went wrong; enough attention that a person with the abilities to do said things to your account took notice. I hope you see that you are indeed 100% at fault for putting yourself right here.

Now the tricky part; Yes Horns trolled you. He changed certain aspects of your account and that in my mind is totally unacceptable. I, like many others before me, practiced unorthodox punishments, none that threatened the integrity of anyone's account though. Horns shouldn't have changed your name manually, he shouldn't have removed the skip the fun status of the character either. That said none of this is without precedent... Other devs in the past have practiced said trolling to specific people in the past... people of more infamy than you certainly but times have changed. This doesn't make horns wrong and it definitely doesn't make him right either.

In all, I'm sitting about 60-70% in favor of Seadle that any messing with accounts by devs should be blocked unless otherwise NEEDED or REQUESTED.

The normal process of forcing name changes was not followed and I think that is where people like Gristle an old player is finding un-comfort with. I think many people are confused as to what happened here and why Seadle is saying it needs to be talked about. The main issue here is that Seadle's ban record is relatively clean if not clear and a dev with zero experience decided to alter minor aspects of the account which puts a spot light on the moral integrity of said dev... People begin to question whether or not they can trust this person and when people that don't break the rules begin to question the moral integrity of a community leader things can get messy.

I know I am not well liked to say the least but If anyone takes anything I say seriously anymore I would highly advise against minor alterations of people's accounts as that type of manual enforcement appears biased and can never lead to a solid good outcome.

Unadvisable really.

I'll go back to not being serious about anything now.

I love you, bb, don't worry what others say. You also make solid points, I understand completely that I placed myself in this situation, but I also got myself out by doing what Sparvico had said and changing my name, I've never had any issues with admins up until now, and if it is unclear on what I mean by "This needs to be talked about"; it's that the current admin team needs to be reviewed and thank you bringing up my SPOTLESS ban record. :^)

someone fix strat so i can merc in this battle. EZ kills no matter which side I'm on  8-) 8-) :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :twisted:

Won't be easy when you don't have the password to our ladder fort.

The Chamber of Tears / Re: Needs to be talked about
« on: July 25, 2017, 05:48:29 am »
Yeah you can't be adolph

What about Adolf?

The Chamber of Tears / Re: Needs to be talked about
« on: July 25, 2017, 01:39:30 am »
Blaming me for your lack of the mental capacity to write out what really happened in your own thread is rather idiotic of you. You're the creator of the thread and the one who should be writing in detail what your problem is, don't blame me for your lack of ability to explain something properly.

Moving on from your own idiocy...

If it's the case that Horns just changed your name AFTER you had already made the change from Mechah1tler or whatever the fuck it was then yeah, I'll agree with you, that's a dick move and unnecessary as the name had already been changed. Either way though, we're complaining at a rate that makes it sound like Horns did something terrible like ban 50 people for no reason when in reality all he did was change a fucking name and move you off of STF which you could easily within a couple of seconds change back to. Like, really? THIS is what we've chosen to cry about? It's a bit pathetic if you ask me.

Was this technically abuse of a power given to Horns? Yep

Was this REALLY harmful at all? Lol, not even slightly.

He did do something terrible, he abused the power he was given for his own laughs.
The thread was about the abuse of the power. If you had read the thread you can already read what happened.

What exactly is pathetic about bringing up something that needed to be addressed? This is very harmful as it shows just how much the players don't trust the administrative abilities of some people and brings to light how the admins are going to do whatever the fuck they please when they please, I had no problem doing what needed to be done to be unbanned by Sparvico, this however crossed the line. In two separate senses that a pseudoadmin involved himself in a situation that was taken care of and then using his powers for his own laughs.

The Chamber of Tears / Re: Needs to be talked about
« on: July 25, 2017, 01:02:59 am »
to all my fellow trollers out there, if you don't wanna get banned it's simple, just become an admin like me ! you don't even need a lemon'd account

Admins hate him, just follow his simple tips

The Chamber of Tears / Re: Needs to be talked about
« on: July 25, 2017, 12:29:39 am »
I'm not sure if you are aware but cRPG Admins/Devs have been changing peoples names when they are inappropriate for a long time

I'm well aware and support it, but an dev taking action on something that has already been resolved and then taking the process a step further by altering more than the name.

I think Horns changing the guys name to something funny rather than just banning the dude for having his name changed is a much nicer response lol, if I could set my name to "killalltheblacks" and then have my name changed to "iloveafricanamericans" or something else stupid like that it'd be funny lol. Not sure why people who are breaking the rules are crying when they get punished for it, man the fuck up you dumbasses, I piss around and get banned for it but at least I sit down and take my DESERVED ban like a man. You all need to stop acting like entitled cucklords who think they own the planet, C-RPG doesn't belong to you and you don't dictate the rules, whoever runs the game creates the rules and decides the direction of the game, follow them or break them, but don't be a cunt and cry when you get punished for breaking those rules.

I see you haven't read any of the thread either, I'll help out how this thread was started and what it originally was about. Banned for having the name MechaHitler and changed the name, then the name was changed AGAIN and character was altered, by a pseudoadmin who had nothing to do with the incident, you telling me to "man the fuck up" after an obvious abuse of power was brought to light doesn't help your cause of what you are trying to get across.

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