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I'm sorry, but I'm leaving SoA. Best wishes to your men.

Hey SoA, I was wondering I could join. (Sorry I'm new to the forums so I apologize if I did something wrong)
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This is my application, sorry if I did something I haven't really gotten used to doing this.
What is your in-game name?: Seadle_The_Not_So_Brave
What is your forum name?: Seadle
How active are you?: Fairly active
Where do you live?: Kansas, NA
How old are you?: 17
Do you have any fighting skills?: Yes, I use a 2-handed sword, grinding to get Highland Claymore
What is your "Steam" username?: Beligra
Do you have teamspeak 3?: I'm going to get it.
Willing to participate in Strategus?: Yes

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