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strat frozen?


Party tab says 6.40km away from Chide, about 0 hours, 0 minutes left.  At  1.93 kph that should be over 3 hours left.  Been at same place on map for hours.  No, I'm not stuck on some obstacle.

Man of Steel:

--- Quote from: DaveUKR on April 26, 2019, 09:28:07 pm ---Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce the official start of Strategus Round VIII. What happens next? There is a week of frozen map that gives everyone opportunity to grind some ticks (ticks from previous strat got reset as well) and silver, AND, what's more important, have some time to adapt to changed map and make plans/diplomacy. You generate silver from playing other game modes, you don't consume ticks, you don't generate hourly silver/troops. Recent important changes:
·  Binational fiefs mechanic added. Occupied fiefs can now sell equipment of both nations: fief's original gear and occupier's national gear.
·  Default goods production in all fiefs has been boosted significantly. From default 200 s&d (supply and demand AKA goods) daily production to 300 for villages, 400 for castles and 1000 for towns. It gives bigger opportunities for trading and makes "s&d stealing" less a of thing.
·  Default prices of goods in fiefs are changed: 10 silver per good in villages, 15 in castles, 20 in towns.
·  Map movement without horses is a bit slower now, on the other hand effect of horses (especially fast horses) is slightly increased.
·  Fiefs on the map are rebalanced. Smaller nations got their number of fiefs highly increased to compete with bigger nations.
·  Everyone starts with 1 troop and 1 silver. Grind your way to glory, especially with increased silver gain from playing other game modes.

--- End quote ---

ah perfect thanks

ill never learn to read changelogs and manuals ><


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