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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions!
« on: November 29, 2017, 01:54:05 am »
About time we had one that is up to date, hm?

Q: What is this mod?
A: cRPG, created in 2010, by a team of great people and the community, some of who still play. The idea of the mod is that you have a persistent character - despite switching between servers, your items, statistics (attributes and skills, so strength, ironflesh etc.) remain the same. You can have multiple characters. After you reach level 30, you can retire - you gain faster exp gain, a heirloom point, and a generation - but you go back to level 1. The circle never ends. You manage your character, select his skills etc. over on the page.

Q: What's Strategus? How do I play?
A: Strategus is cRPG's greatest part, and what shaped this community. It is an online campaign map, mirroring that of Warband's Calradia, and literally mirroring that for the North American Strategus.
There are 2 separate maps for Strategus - European one and North American one, as those were the two greatest communities.

Q: Why does it matter if I'm on EU or NA map in Strategus?
A: If you are attacked in Strategus, your battle will happen on the server that is appropriate - if you are EU, you'd rather not have to fight on a NA server due to higher ping there.

Q: (As of November, 2017) Strategus seems pretty stale, and all the fiefs are controlled by people - is there a reset or something in the plans?
A: (As of November, 2017) Currently, top players are utilising their leftover troops and equipment to stage fun battles for people in Strategus. Sometime soon/after that is over, it is highly possible that a reset will happen, along with some new additions and stuff™

Q: How do I play Strategus?
A: The website can be accessed in two ways:
- the direct website
- the in-crpg site

Q: ... how do I PLAY Strategus?
A: Here is a guide I would personally recommend, as I have written it and can vouch that in the core aspects, it is not going to change, or at least - not too drastically.
Imagine Strategus as your singleplayer Warband campaign, except everything is controlled by living players (absolutely 0 bots), and everything takes way more time.

Q: I can't run the game!
A: Without going into the intricacies of this problem, the first and foremost thing you should always do is:
- Download the newest launcher, available from the cRPG site, or directly from here. This link should always be up to date, as it simply links to the cRPG site launcher download.
- Tick the repair box (pictured below) to allow the launcher to redownload the necessary files and make sure none are corrupted.
(click to show/hide)

Q: Ok, I entered the game and I got instantly kicked from the server?
A: There are several possibilities as to why that happened:
- you are banned (if you're a new player, highly unlikely/impossible),
- you are using a name that someone else is already using - simply change your character's name,
- you have a pirated/illegal copy of warband - acquire a legal one,
- you have a different problem on your end, or one that isn't added here (yet!)
If yours is the last case, your best bet is to either post in the cRPG technical problems subforum, or message any developer or administrator (the yellow ones) on discord.

Q: I just started the game, and my character is level 20? Is that how it is suppoused to be?
A: Yes, every new char you create should start on level 20, which is to allow you to be competitive earlier. Further on as you progress and hit level 30, you can either retire then, or continue leveling (which is effectively possible untill level 34, at which point the next level demands hillariously absurd amounts of exp). When you retire, you'll go back to level 1 as god intended. Enjoy the peasant years!

Q: I just started the game, and everyone is mopping the floor with me!?
A: cRPG was, is and probably will remain a highly competitive game in which skill is valued, and most of remaining players are veterans. Don't get discouraged however - years of playing this cancerous fun and jolly mod has made them soft, despite their experience. There is always room for new players who can carve out their own living space.

Q: I just joined the DTV server (Eu7, Na7) and got kicked after 20 seconds? Why? None of the above issues apply!
A: DTV server autokicks everyone who doesn't spawn at the round start. Make sure to tick "ready to spawn" in the equipment screen and spawn before it's too late.

A: There are 2 possibles causes of that:
- Make sure you're searching in the "Internet" filter, not "Favourites", as sometimes due to server's resets and whatnot they are removed from your favourites.
- If you are doing the above, make sure to be patient and wait - for some reason, cRPG servers tend to load as the very last ones on the list.

Q: Can I check somewhere if there are players online on the servers?
A: Yes, the cRPG site has an icon in the upper-left corner, next to your name, which shows the number of players in total on the servers (and the weather too!), pictured below:
(click to show/hide)
Alternatively, you can use the Tavern's detailed view.

Q: Can I group up with players? Can I make clans? Can I have a fancy banner?
A: Yes, you can create a clan. It is free. The entire process is easy and takes a few moments. You can view it here.
You can later on invite players to join your clan, give them appropriate ranks which give them different abilities (access to the armory of the clan's items, to the bank where the money can be held).
In regards to the banner, you can either use one of the default banners in-game, or have someone with graphical skills (here is an example of such person, however inactive as of november 2017) design you a banner, which you could later upload, if you have won a custom banner auction - they can be found here, make sure to filter the search in "looking for" to "Banner only", as pictured below:
(click to show/hide)
Keep in mind, when community is active - there is a limited amount of banner slots, and their prices sometimes range from as little as 1 gold (usually when people forget to bid on it) to over 400.000 gold pieces. You can use a default banner without buying a custom banner slot.

Q: How do I know how to build my character so it doesn't end up as shit?
A: You can ask any player on a server or on forums and they'll happily provide you with more or less good build for what you need. The general rule is to keep your attributes in mulitplies of 3, so you have 6 strength or 9 strength or 12 strength - as it's most efficient and allows you to maximize the associated skill (your max skill level is 1/3 of your attribute, different skills need different attributes - with 15 strength, you can have maximum of 5 ironflesh, with 15 agility you can have maximum of 5 athletics).
Our discord is a very good place to ask, as people there will, sooner or later, respond to your question, with a less or more useful response.

Q: I don't like my build, what can I do to change it? :(
A: You can:
- reach level 30 and retire, and build your build in a different way from the start,
- use the respec option, which, at the cost of some of your experience, allows you to redistribute your points. However be CAREFUL, as using this can cause you to lose much progress you've made. Sometimes it's much more profitable to just reach the retirement level and start anew from level 1.
- win the auction for training lessons, which, while it can turn out to be quite pricey, allows you painless redistribution of your points without losing any experience.
- Ask in the discord server, as very often, there are situations when during some patches or changes, much cheaper respeccs could be handled out to people, as a way to recompensate them for changes affecting their builds.
- If the character you want to respec is not your main one - wait a week. Alt characters recieve a free respec every week. You'll know that you have a free respec available on a character if the respec window looks like this, pictured below:
(click to show/hide)

Q: What's a Skip The Fun?
A: A Skip The Fun, or STF, is a tool that allows you to move your character to level 30 instantly, but freezes their experience and doesn't allow them to gain levels or retire.
A benefit of the STF character is that you can, without any additional costs, respec him any time you want (not every 7 days, literally every minute)

Q: What does this image, pictured below, mean?
(click to show/hide)
A: Slots used - most of the items have a certain weight added to them - called Slots. This is a way to balance the gameplay, so as to not allow people to carry a tool for every occasion too easily, and instead have them decide on one set of arms. Most of one-handed weapons and small shields, polearms take 1 slot, the heavier the weapon - the more slot it takes, same with shields. Certain shields and heaviest-hitting weapons can take up 3 slots.
You have 4 slots to use up for your items. If you equip items which number more than 4 slots together, you won't be allowed to spawn.
Max 1 no-sheath item - certain items cannot be put on your back when you don't need them - most of the long lances, certain polearms like Pikes and Long Spears. You can only take one of those with you, and if you try to equip a different weapon while wielding a no-sheath weapon- you will drop the no-sheath weapon to the ground.

Q: Items in the c-rpg site shop have "difficulty" in their stats - what is it?
A: That's the required attribute or, in case of some items - skill. Armors, most melee weapons only require strength. Agility is never a diffculty, however skills dependent on agility are - shields require shield skill (agi based), horses require riding (agi based). Bows require power draw (str based). Throwing weapons require power throw (str based). Keep in mind that in order to, for example, have 4 power draw, you need a minimum of 12 strength. (your max skill level is 1/3 of your associated attribute)

Q: How do I rename my character? Changing my in-game name just makes me create a new character with the name I want for my old characters!
A: You want to go to the char rename option on the crpg site, where you input your new desired name. If it's a STF character, the name change will be instant. If it's a regular character, the name change will require manual approval by an administrator.
If you are retiring, you can select yourself a new name and have it instantly change once you finish the retirement procedure.
Make sure to remember to later change your in-game name as well, using the character edition in warband lobby.

Q: Can I change my character's gender?
A: There are two ways of doing that:
- When you are retiring, you can select yourself your new gender, which you'll later have to accordingly change in the in-game character edition, in warband lobby menu.
- If you can't wait for that, you can search for Doctor's Snipula auction in the marketplace, as pictured below, and try your best at winning it. Once you do and win the auction - simply change your character's in-game lobby gender, and once you join a server - it'll be set in stone. Pictured below is the auction itself, as it has no filters in the marketplace - to find it, remove any filters and search for Doctor Snipula.
(click to show/hide)

Q: I get an error that says "Error on creating shaders: Out of video memory", what do I do?
A: Make sure you're running the cRPG launcher with the wse2 beta option ticked on, as pictured below.
(click to show/hide)

Q: I get an error when I launch the launcher, saying something like "Method not found: '!!0[] System.Array.Empty()'., what do I do? (issue pictured below)
(click to show/hide)
A: It has been tested several times now that this problem is easily fixed by installing the .NET Framework version 4.7.1, which is linked here - the - warning, the link goes directly to the download file, it'll begin download with your click - don't be spooked.

Q: Everything above SUCKS and I did not get the help I require, is there no hope for me?
A: Of course there is! Simply join us over on the Official cRPG Discord, and message us directly in one of the appropriate channels. If your game doesn't work, if you have an account problem, if you have multiple accounts and want to organise them into one, or if you have any other problem that is not listed in this FAQ, feel invited and free to hit us up and ask for help.

Q: Why use Discord if there's the forum already?
A: Mostly because real-time conversation allows for easier organisation of a game together. Most of the time servers lie empty, so when a group of people decides they want to play - they send a notification to everyone else in the interested group (NA players, EU players etc) and whoever wants, can come and this way we easily populate the server. There is also the chance to speak to the devs in person, or throw mud at us.
Alas, both this forum and our discord server are legitimate places to communicate. It's just that us devs are mainly over there. It does not mean that we don't check in here regularly. Discord however helps us highlight the current issue in real-time, together with ease of communication and providing information about issues. It's just more convenient in some cases, and naturally, less in others.

If you notice anything missing that you think should be added here, feel free to post your suggestion in the thread, message me directly, anything works. Thanks for reading guys, appreciate you.
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