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A quick cRPG IRC chat HowTo


Why, hello.

As most (though maybe not all) of you know, cRPG has its own IRC channel on quakenet. For those, that do not know what that is, just call it a chat channel.
You can come in for a random chat, though most of the time people come looking for help with something.

You can get in it either through here:
visitors can't see pics , please register or login

or, if you're real trendy, you might even have an IRC client:
(click to show/hide)Quakenet servers
Channel: #mount&blade-crpg
That's all fine and dandy, but - what to do when you're inside and have a problem?


* Write "Hey, anyone here?"
* Write "Can anyone help me?"
* Write your issue, then leave after 5 minutes of no reply
* Start randomly spamming chadz, cmp and other devs with slaps

* Write down and explain your problem first.
* If the problem is sensitive, leave out the details, only explain them in a private query to an admin or someone, when approached
* Wait for at least 10+ minutes, preferably longer, it can take a bit for someone to check the channel and see a new message.
* Be polite
Follow this guide and you will spare the nerves of both yourself and the people, that are lurking in the channel, ready to help whoever :wink:


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