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I'm not a fan, partly because my computer can barely run the damn thing (which is odd considering I can run Skyrim on high settings. Maybe I just messed up on the installation?). I bought it when it was out there for $20, thinking that it would be like a medieval Team Fortress 2... boy, was I wrong. I just can't get immersed into the combat. In Mount & Blade, I get into the "zone" where I block, swing, and feint without thinking about it. In Chivalry I find myself just swinging and not blocking, and there I am, at the top of the leaderboard. There aren't very many weapons, or very much weapon differentiation, so combat is very static. Mount & Blade is simply the better game and I don't understand why games like Chivalry and I daresay War of the Roses end up as some of the most popular games on Steam. Hopefully, if Mount & Blade 2 is ever made, it will be received by a wider audience.

Well if you team up its actually pretty interesting to go for the objectives. I dont see much in team deathmatch or something but the objectives are pretty nice.
Combat is just very different, the attacks feel like actual attacks and also the blocking and getting hit feels more authentic. Its a bit "more real" in comparison to crpg. The background scenery is very well done and the sounds are very good.
I will play this when I'm fed up with crpg for some weeks again. Nice timefiller.

All I know is how delightful it is to chop off 2 heads with one swing.  Or get into a death ball and walk away over a scattering of body parts.  C-rpg= ARMA2   Chiv=CoD basically.

Chivalry gets an update every Friday.It's nowhere near finished as a game and there are ton of bugs you might see.On my 20 hours gameplay i think its easier than M&B,archery suck and its pretty much kinda unbalanced.You can block a fucking hammer with a short sword as an archer and you can rape everyone as an archer with a dagger by spamming it.Most people in there never block and don't know how to play even if they are at a high rank lvl.After my 20 hours gameplay i think its not that fun just because it's easy and if you played M&B and you had some basic skills you can rape anyone at chivalry and get on top scorers for fun.There is no fps lag unless you got a bad pc and you won't get a delay for playing with 150+ ping on swing.That's just an awesome part of the game.


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