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just bought Chivalry, will I regret it? Whatcha guys thinking of it, the trailers looked nice and I played Age of Chivalry mod for quite some time


--- Quote from: Ganner on July 14, 2013, 08:21:52 am ---ug... Chivalry was the featured sale today, its like 6 or so bucks, so i figured fuck it.

Goddamn that game is crap.  Even spending 6 bucks feels like a waste.

--- End quote ---

His opinion. IMO I think it's worth 6 bucks.

if gfx > gameplay, this is great game. But still more expensive than watching a nice movie, and less satisfying.

after an hour of playing it still feels kinda.. meh

which is nice are the team objectives, wish something that requires teamplay would be in crpg


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