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So after watching some more videos on youtube I decided to download it but man the fps is horrible, freezing every second when an enemy starts approaching...

I don't have a monster pc but I don't see how it can't play this when I can play every game released on medium/high.

Quad Core 2.66 Ghz
6 Gb Ram
Gtx 460

I changed something in the udkengine file from 1 to 3 but not much improvement, I also disabled something in the steam folder location of chivalry but still having fps issues........

This game is nothing out of this world graphic wise and if my pc can handle cRPG 100 man servers I don't see how it can't handle the 20-32 servers honestly.

So... any suggestions?

Hm, it works perfect for me on max graphics, I maintain the highest fps all the time.

Quad Core 3.33 GHz
8GB ram
GTX 560 Ti

Maybe it's a specific bug to the game? Try searching on the technical support forums.

I would search for you but i'm kinda in a hurry here.

Unreal 3 engine is a demanding bitch.
Game isn't optimized well also.
Engine highly favours Intel quad core CPUs with decent OC at best. AMD users are fucked (its a fact).

I got a really decent comp. but the game wont run with stable 62 fps :-)
I can give you a systemsettings file if you want.

Two things will happen. Eye cancer and steady,fast fps.

There is no other magical fix....believe me.

Lactating Vegetables:
i think the best bit is when i join a empty server i have 40-60 ping, as soon as a single other person joins it ranges from 200-600, nothing to do with me.

And then there is the constant crap where the game stops working and people run into walls, buildings,trees, etc for a few seconds then everthing resumes like normal and you are somewhere else.


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