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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (first and thirdperson melee game?)

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Go check out this awesome game on http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1711512107/chivalry-medieval-warfare and show your support !

They're gathering money now? I thought that game is already far in development.



--- Quote from: Vibe on August 20, 2012, 01:30:38 pm ---They're gathering money now? I thought that game is already far in development.

--- End quote ---

If you would've clicked the link and watched the video or read the text you would've known.
Since you are unable to do that here is the text from the Kickstarter site.

"Why Kickstarter?

For us, Kickstarter represents several awesome opportunities, making it a win win situation for current or new fans of the game and the development team.

- Because kickstarter fees are less than those from traditional online distributors, we are actually able to offer the game for cheaper, while the developers make roughly the same amount. So it allows our fanbase to pick up the game at a reduced price and in doing so more directly support us, the developers of the game.

- Kickstarter is also an excellent way for us to allow preorders for the game, something we were unlikely to be able to do otherwise due to "redtape" and regulations with many online distributors.

- Kickstarter in itself is a great marketing opportunity for exposure with the game.

- Kickstarter allows us to offer players a variety of additional products based around the game such as t-shirts, posters and custom art.

- Paying off Debt and loans, when we said many team members had given up everything to do this, we meant it. The development team has personally dug deep into its own pockets over the past two years and put a lot on the line to make this happen because for us it is a labour of love."

@Christo: AoC does not equal Chivalry Medieval Warfare so it doesn't have to be posted in the same topic. Like Mount and Blade 2 does not equal Mount and Blade Napoleonic Wars.

Does kickstarter even allow that?  :wink:

Anyway, too much shooter style for my liking.


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