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Map Problems - please report them here

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Any map troubles you come across - please write them down here and be exact.

We are especially interested in game-balance-breaking things like spawns behind invisible walls, but also other stuff that comes to your mind.

Tears of Destiny:
The spawn flags being placed on or near minor "bumps" which is a particular problem in the snowy villages.
When upright these tiny things are visible, but when "captured" and tipped over, a large portion of the flag becomes obscured by going into the "dirt" making it exceedingly hard to find as most of it is overlapped by the terrain.

Tebandra attacker spawn was behind invis wall last i saw it.
Tadsamesh attacker spawn is behind invis wall.

Town6, Praven has 2 entry point 0's, the scene viewer only spawns from the one in the castle.

Last time we checked attacker's spawn point in Fishara was unreachable for capturing.  :wink:


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