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General Off Topic / Re: LIVE YOUR MYTH IN FRANCE.
« on: July 19, 2016, 11:13:23 pm »
You should vote Shillary. Trump is just populist talk to get into presidential seat. Doubt he'll do any of things he says he'll do. Businessman first, that is old Donald.

Shillary, she's the evil one. Would gladly nuke the whole country if necessary. It is hilarious that liberal left look at her like savior of mankind. Well it will help them with their issues, by doing the dirty work while they protest and draw heart breaking pictures on building walls.
It's just a disgrace that those are our fucking options. Going back to what Thomek was saying about the rest of the world hating the US.

No fucking wonder.

Trump wants the US to disband NATO and improve relations will Russia, seems like a good idea to me. Europeans are becoming a liability, they are far too gone and their far left trash ideology is spreading over here. I used to think Putin was evil cus media is biased here, especially CNN who hopefully we will find out in the wiki leaks aided Islamists in Turkey stage a fake coup with Erdotard.
Does he though? Do we actually know what trump wants to really do? He changes his mind hourly. Says anything to get media attention, which they gladly do. Instead, he has called for multiple plans that would either be catastrophic if introduced, or could only be done by cutting serious funding in things we really need (education, transportation, health care, NASA, public safety, etc).

It's so hard to actually know what he would really be like. The only thing he has shown is a lack of knowledge, which isn't something you want in a president. Shillary is at least knowledgeable, unfortunately she's been rather lacking on the general topic of this thread.

General Off Topic / Re: LIVE YOUR MYTH IN FRANCE.
« on: July 19, 2016, 10:12:05 pm »
idk if after my last post but there were several people in this thread suggesting something along the line, not?
Along the line? I just skimmed through all the previous pages to make sure, and maybe I missed one post, but no, not really. There were several calls to limit or stop further immigration, not to kick them out. I actually saw multiple instances of people explicitly saying they were not talking about retroactively kicking immigrants/muslims out.

Control who comes into our countries, only take in people who seem worthwhile (standard procedure in the past and still currently the policy in sane societies such as the Australian) and only in numbers that they can be assimilated and to get the number of immigrants down proportionally (below 10% of the population, preferably 5%), and combat actively the spread of fundamentalist ideas.

I never mentioned deporting all Muslims but I sure as shit wouldn't want more coming knowing the facts that more Islam = more terrorism, it's just a fact and you are in denial if you think otherwise.

Also look at who is +'ing which posts, specifically Angantyr's post in this case.

General Off Topic / Re: LIVE YOUR MYTH IN FRANCE.
« on: July 19, 2016, 09:11:52 pm »
You can't be seriously denying that the War on terror, as in Iraq Invasion and follow up missions, is a serious factor that contributed to the current situation. Same as Gulf Wars, Pahlavi, sykes pikot, creation of Israels, etc. It all matters.
Many people who currently say: "Stay the fuck away from those countries, we only will make matters worse like in the past, peace is the only solution" have a similar longing for a simple solution like those of you that are suggesting things like banning all muslim, nuking them, etc. It just isn't as simple as that, either way.
Who are you referring to when you say "you" here? No one since your last post fully qualifies to be the subject of this quoted text based upon the content of any of the recent posts.

General Off Topic / Re: LIVE YOUR MYTH IN FRANCE.
« on: July 19, 2016, 06:54:28 pm »
Are you saying war on terror is not to blame at all?
That would be obtuse.

I actually care very little though about where acts of terror occur, except in noticing that 90% of them occur in muslim dominant areas(Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Nigeria). When so much of the terror occurs in Islamic countries, it makes very little sense to say "stop the war on terror and this goes away." My mindset is 90% focused on pragmatism. I'm completely open to the idea that at one point or another the war on terror was likely the main cause of terrorism (at least in the west.) What I try to do is look at it from the perspective of what an unbiased observer would see (so an alien, essentially), and focus on what we can do to reduce acts of terror considering the situation we currently find ourselves in.

Where is terror occurring? When each incident occurs, what is the motive? Who are most likely to be the targets? Which motives for each individual act, are most common? When you do this, you find horrible things occurring, things that have almost nothing to do with western cultures(except insofar as they're "different" or not adherents of sharia law) or are outright outlawed. See FGM, general treatment of women/homosexuals, etc.

From a pragmatic standpoint, it just doesn't help at all to say "the war on terror is to blame for our current predicament." (Unless your only focus is terror in the west, in which case I can only say: shame on you.) So this just gets omitted, the same way this side of the argument doesn't, or should have to preface every statement with "not all muslims." It's obviously implied to anyone not looking for a reason to be angry/giving people the benefit of the doubt, and serves no pragmatic purpose.

General Off Topic / Re: LIVE YOUR MYTH IN FRANCE.
« on: July 19, 2016, 06:01:02 pm »

"Man knifes mother and three daughters at French holiday park"

"Local prosecutor Raphael Balland said the motive was still "very vague"."

"According to authorities, the suspect in custody was of Moroccan origin and had been staying on the site with his own family next door to the victims.
Although he had been in trouble with police many years ago, reports said there was no indication of a religious link to the case.
Unconfirmed reports suggested he had objected to the light clothing worn by his victims but Mr Balland said "it's all rumour, the man's not said anything"."

Another poor victim of the War on Terror. His motive is, of course, a complete mystery. We might never really know what reason this man had for stabbing a woman and her children in a park, oh well.
Doesn't seem like the best example. A better example would be the reaction to the Charlie Hebdo incident and the following Je suis Charlie slogan. Lots of criticism stating how the murders were of no surprise because they were criticizing Islam, so "what did you think would happen?" Again, if it's not safe to criticize religion(specifically Islam because it's behind in this area), it's going to take significantly longer than we should deem as "affordable" for the proper reformations to take place.

General Off Topic / Re: LIVE YOUR MYTH IN FRANCE.
« on: July 19, 2016, 05:22:37 pm »
Tydeus, americans in general are a bit disconnected from the rest of the world. No doubt because of the physical barrier.

Look at how _bad advisors_ etc informed on the war in Iraq.. I really can't contribute purely evil intent to the US, but a lot of ignorance of how the world works there is for sure. The US are literally hated in many, many parts of the world. I'm a fanboy with some/plenty reservations however. :D

So many horrible governments and dictatorships thrive on the US hate.
No doubt. It's rather deserving in most cases. I hate the same things about this country that everyone else does. 9 times out of 10 when Paul says "ban NA" it's for a very good reason and I find myself incapable of disagreeing.  :lol:

General Off Topic / Re: LIVE YOUR MYTH IN FRANCE.
« on: July 19, 2016, 05:10:44 pm »
If, instead, that person is feeling really unique and original they may criticise it and say 'the culture around this religion needs to change, separation of religion and law, the way it's taught in some areas' well no shit Sherlock. Welcome to every non-muslim's opinion ever.
That opinion isn't nearly as widely held as I would hope for. Perhaps things are a bit different in the EU (I have heard otherwise), but in the US we have a lot of influential people that would call you a bigot for implying that their culture is somehow lesser, flawed, or simply "imperfect." Just look at the "Gross and Racist" Bill Maher, Sam Harris, Ben Affleck video and the comments beneath it. Most people who use the phrase "regressive leftist" are referring to people like Ben Affleck who won't even admit that Islam has some improving that it needs to do.

Honestly a lot of what I have been reading the past few days in this section seems to be people talking past each other / misunderstanding people's actual positions. In Oberyn's case, he just seems overly frustrated at people ignoring the obvious(that a reform needs to take place, or that we should at least have a proper conversation about what beliefs should and shouldn't be allowed into our countries henceforth), and has thus taken a more extreme stance. Maybe I'm wrong, but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, especially when you're on a forum with so many L2 english speakers.

The only way to rationalize this is to become comfortable with the idea that some lives are more worth than others. Or that there's a war between west and islam. Suddenly you find yourself with the exact same mindset as Muslim terrorists.
It only makes you the same if you fail understand that not all cultures are equally capable of maximizing human wellbeing. What would make you the same, would be which specific actions you did afterwards.

General Off Topic / Re: LIVE YOUR MYTH IN FRANCE.
« on: July 19, 2016, 04:32:49 pm »
Making one religion illegal isn't remotely feasible, it's like listening to Trump say "Deport all illegal immigrants." Would tax the system so much that it would collapse without major changes taking place first. The only thing you have to do (or can do, in the pragmatic sense), is criticize Islam openly and that means reducing how often we throw around terms like "bigot", "racist", or "islamophobe." You don't have to eliminate it, just reserve it for only the most extreme and obvious cases, meaning where people have taken physical action. Otherwise you're making it unsafe to criticize, you're putting a cost or punishment on those that criticize it.

Criticism is the only way to induce an internal reformation within Islam. Something nearly everyone agrees should take place, as it's the only major religion currently to not have undergone some sort of modernizing.

General Discussion / Re: I cannot find the server!
« on: July 17, 2016, 01:50:37 pm »
the thing that puzzles me is the total lack of information from the crpg team...
[6:43 AM] pogosan: @chadz fix EU cprg servers, they're dead
[6:43 AM] chadz: need to wait for support ticket to go through

General Discussion / Re: I cannot find the server!
« on: July 17, 2016, 11:54:47 am »
this is better than crpg

Holy shit. That's just shameless.

[3:18 AM] chadz: @Uther , it seems the entire machine is down
[3:22 AM] Tydeus: seems a bit odd
[3:25 AM] chadz: i had some issues with the host
[3:25 AM] chadz: they ignoring many of my support requests
[3:25 AM] chadz: they not finding money i sent them
[3:25 AM] chadz: all in all, they're a bit weird
[3:28 AM] chadz: well, pretty sure they hate me because i managed to get the discount for paying a year in advance by clicking random options in their shit ass web interface when ordering back then

General Off Topic / Re: LIVE YOUR MYTH IN FRANCE.
« on: July 17, 2016, 02:18:02 am »
Heh, facts. We don't know for certain why ISIL exist, just like we don't know if American intervention is responsible for creation of it. We can make educated guess or simply speak our mind how we feel it is (like I often do) but those opinions aren't facts. None of us have facts regarding those matters. Hell, we don't even have solid facts about everything that happened during WWII. And we never will. Same can be said about most events that occurred in human history. Mathematicians operate with solid facts, historians do not.
I wasn't claiming that we had them all, merely that what facts we have (specifically using the word fact here, not opinion), shouldn't be denied, because they're just that: facts. The only fact claimed was that we deposed Sadam and this action destabilized the region significantly. No we can't rewind the clocks to test the prediction that ISIS is actually the direct result of that destabilization, but I haven't heard any informed political figure debate this simple thesis. If you happen to have one, feel free to link it and I'll take a look, but I suspect we might be talking past each other.

Sorry, i bolded the whole sentence, just wanted to bold "evil dictator". Who said he was "evil"? You heard it on TV.
He is the bad guy, you are always the good guys.
Why do people always assume that there is only ever pure evil and pure good and that claiming one thing as evil means that the other must then be good. Stop getting angry over stupid shit like this when none of your claims about me are things I actually believe.

General Off Topic / Re: LIVE YOUR MYTH IN FRANCE.
« on: July 17, 2016, 01:41:50 am »
And who told you that? CNN? Get your head from ur ass man.
it's always alibi to bomb and steal natural resources.
You're putting words in my mouth. My stating how(removal of Sadam creates destabilization) something occurred has nothing to do with stating why(the motive behind said removal) it occurred.

You really think that Obama and Merkel care about some Muslim guy in Middle East?
You are delusional and think that your countries are making this world better. Is it better now? It's shit and it's getting worsen man.
I don't think we (in my case the US) are helping much atm, but ignoring genocide isn't acceptable either.
I specifically stated the opposite of your claim.

General Off Topic / Re: LIVE YOUR MYTH IN FRANCE.
« on: July 17, 2016, 12:20:00 am »
Don't forget that you caused this "genocide" that everyone is so worried about. Maybe hm.. Don't start wars you can't finish? Same with us in the UK, we helped start this war. All of the countries involved are the reason ISIS exist, but we can't do jack shit about it now, it's either let ISIS murder innocents or attack ISIS and kill innocents along with them. You want a way to stop ISIS? Nuke them. You'll kill hundreds and thousands of innocents but that is the only way you're ever going to stop them. War won't. Abstention won't.

I'm not saying that we should let thousands of Muslims die at the hands of ISIS, but I'm also saying that we shouldn't be wasting manpower on something that we're not going to stop.
The facts are undeniable. We brought about something worse by removing an already evil dictator (among other things). But the only thing that would be different would be how often these atrocities occur, not by ISIS but another organization. That's why this is a war of ideas and it doesn't matter what we do if we keep our heads in the sand saying "just ignore them and leave it alone. We're the only problem." The problem is that we need to start promoting a reformation within Islam like what the rest of the world's religions have already undergone. Otherwise they're going to continue killing themselves and we're going to continue getting involved (for one reason or another, guilt if nothing else).

General Off Topic / Re: LIVE YOUR MYTH IN FRANCE.
« on: July 16, 2016, 11:21:27 pm »
Even then you'd still lose fuck tons of men from Guerrilla warfare, it's not something you can truly solve through force, it's something that can only be solved by leaving them alone. If the fucking stupid countries didn't attack them they wouldn't HAVE an ISIS to deal with, but they did, and that's their fault, and it's the reason so much death is all around us today.
I smell an ostrich.

Say we left them alone for a few years. When they continue to kill themselves at a rate which is btw significantly faster than the rate at which they kill citizens in western countries (More Muslims die to the extremism than westerners, by far) would you then at least concede that "something" needs to be done?

I don't think we (in my case the US) are helping much atm, but ignoring genocide isn't acceptable either.

Announcements / Re: 04.5.4
« on: July 15, 2016, 08:37:47 pm »
People are actually active on the forums? I know they aren't in cRPG, at least NA. I have just been managing my fiefs because i can't play. When is cRPG going to be active again? :(
When oKaM becomes playable?

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