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General Discussion / hi
« on: June 13, 2019, 03:12:30 pm »
anyone still play this? :-)

EU (Official) / unban me plz
« on: March 06, 2017, 11:00:53 pm »
unban me plz

EU (Official) / Ban Barabe_Hakany
« on: July 20, 2016, 07:23:15 pm »
1. Name of your character involved
2. Name of offending character(s)
Barabe Hakany
3. Time and server, as accurately as possible
Around 19:00 in EU1
4. Written description of what happened, the whole story. Also what happened before and after.
Alright so I heard cav footsteps coming from behind while I was fighting an enemy. Not knowing it was Barabe_Hakany, I turned around in a split second and accidentally teamkilled him. After I killed the enemy, Templar_Perd, I apologied for the teamkill. The next map we spawn and whilst I'm walking he teamkills me on purpose then insulting me shortly after the teamkill. I tried to sort it out in the server and telling him my teamkill was an accident but it seems like he's too stubborn to actually admit that my teamkill was an accident. I didn't screen the part where we argued but im pretty sure you can see it in the logs
5. Why you think the offender did what he did.
He thought I teamkilled him on purpose which wasn't the case here and then started to 'revenge' teamkill me on purpose because he was butthurt me thinks
6. Multiple Screenshots
(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)
7. Names of players who witnessed what happened.
The people on the screenshot

Why breaking the rules gets me nowhere but on the banlist.

Hello CRPG’ers,

I started playing this somewhere in 2011 or so when the mod was quite alive and doing well. I played under a different nick with the name ‘Supster’. I seldom broke the rules but that changed after 2 solid years. The game became boring, but hell I still loved the community and still do. I created ‘Rest_in_Peace’. From that moment Supster was preterite and because of the boredom I became a toxic, trolling, admin hating player that harassed people.

I slowly started to create my own rules and it quickly escalated into me being a nuisance  hard. I think I broke almost every rule atleast once in my ‘cRPG career’ (fuck that sounds so fucking gay). I played every day like 3/4 hours and I didn’t always break the rules or went too far with my trolling. I also loved to actually tryhard in the game and wreck as many players as possible in one round. The trolling and the tryharding alternated and I always went as far as possible to harass and provoke not only admins but also ‘regular’ players. It began with harassing and provoking the people I personally disliked because of whatever reason. This slowly went into me harassing people that never did or say anything against me just for ‘fun’ (well I had alot of fun but I don’t think they conceived it as fun).

At this point I actually understood of how toxic I was and that I should take a break from cRPG and play some other games. This ‘break’ usually lasted for like 2 days because of the addiction cRPG brought to me. It was around the period that alot of players actually left the mod for good and damn that was actually really painful to see your favourite mod slowly but surely dying. That aside the community was still the best community I have ever seen in a game so I continued playing. It was at this point that I already had quite some bans on my banrecord.

I never really thought of changing my attitude and/or behaviour in game as I was being an egoistic prick that only cared about himself and no one else. At first people found it funny the way I trolled or harassed certain people. Shortly after that I started to harass those people too and after a while they got fed up with it. From that moment I realised that I not only broke the rules but also annoyed peoples gaming experience.

The bans started to stack and they became longer than the normal average of about 2/3 days. Looking back at it now, it must have been pretty hard for admins to deal with a retard such as I am. Thanks to the admins for giving me so many chances to actually behave in-game but I just didn’t listen to them and that is why I ended up essay banned. I never really thought of regretting the things I have actually done but when I look back at it now I do actually regret the shitty things that I have done. I can’t turn back time unfortunately.

At this point whenever I got banned it was for 2 till 4 weeks. ‘Surviving’ a week without cRPG wasn’t a problem but I quickly realized that I couldn’t play 2 or more weeks without cRPG (Yes, its sad I know). I decided to buy a key for backup so I could play whenever I was banned (this wasn’t a good idea afterall since I could really use those breaks from cRPG). Me being a retard (again), used names that looked really fucking similair to Rest_in_Peace, which made it quite obviously that it was me. I avoided the essay with my second account, which is not allowed I guess.

I am really sorry for all the misery I actually caused and the people I hurt. I simply was a selfish cunt that only cared about himself. I’m willing to change this and I sincerely hope you are willing to accept the mistakes I made. I know this essay is about why breaking the rules leads nowhere but getting banned, but what I regret the most is that I have actually made people look fucking ridiculous. I called dozens of people out that didn’t deserve it and I’m really sorry for that. I really am.

Couldn't post in the unban essay section since there was no option available to make a new thread.

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