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I wouldn't tolerate even one quarter of the issues that Tarkov has from any other game. I guess that's testament to how much I like the core gameplay/design. But boy, is it an abusive relationship sometimes. No game makes me as mad as Tarkov does sometimes. From the hackers, to the stutters, to the desync, to cheating AI, to dozens of glitches and bugs (people glitching in walls, random sprint steps ruining your aim, full auto suddenly not working, fire rate tied to FPS, etc., etc) to low FPS, to just some flat out retarded design choices (that thankfully usually get changed after a while, the devs do listen to the community).

Still, it's everything I wanted from DayZ in an ideal package, I really like the raid format. Haven't been able to play PUBG since I got Tarkov either, it just bores me in comparison. And some of the map design is spectacular, like Interchange is super unique.

that's why i'm taking a little break from it ,tarkov is like a rough diamond and i don't want to have a burnout of it before it becomes what it should be. Even if the 50% of the Nikita's promises are going to be ingame it'll be a good progress for the game and i really appreciate that he's listening to constructive criticism and ignoring the haters.

dem glitchers  :D
well it seems i'm the only one playing legit but i can't stand that a known exploit isn't going to be fixed and without a reset.
Klean is a fucking clown , he's Nikita's pet but i still love eft even with cheaters and desynch and bugs and hatchlings.
it's time to max str and endu myself cause if i wait resets bannerlord is released so....
nice shooting there xant. ah i rememer now that on the first video you posted here the hatchling following you without legs that jumped with faith in factory was a buddy of mine ahahah.
Ps: Prapor is so sexy.

hunt needs more content and polish before it becomes interesting for me , at this state i don't think it's worth the money with 2 bosses and 1 map...but it's my perspective.
Tarkov is far from perfect but it has currently 4 maps (another is going to be released soon) , good amount of moddable weapons (if you like guns you know what i mean  :wink:) , faction system (for now it's only aesthetic tho) , scavenging things are not my cup of tea but here is essential , netcode was barely fixed last patch alongside with gamebreaking exploits , performance are mysterious for me in eft (i just know shoreline is still shit sometimes even if it's the best looking map for me) , you get quests from traders , main character progression with a large skilline and last but not last ...sound is amazing.
ok i might be a tarkov fanboy but seriously , there's only one tarkov in this genre around , maybe dayz but yea ...

General Off Topic / Re: gamescom 2016
« on: August 22, 2016, 07:26:33 pm »

and that tattoo is fake, it´s a sleeve you got when you queued up for "Sea of Thieves"
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but I gotta admit the tattoo looked pretty cool. Happened more often that some girl just gave me the look just because of that fake tattoo :D

damn , i couldn't even recognise a fake tattoo :( , still a good fake one :D.
pussies like that type of art you know :P

General Off Topic / Re: gamescom 2016
« on: August 22, 2016, 03:50:41 pm »
Always wanted Zimke as a Pet/Companion/Mentor in every game , hope to see him in OKAM selling fruit juice at the spawn as a bot. is that related to the new deus exe?
your tattoo is soo sexy i could turn homo :O

i had to stop halfway through the first episode to be honest :/ as someone who isn't a coder/hacker/superintoPCs i literally don't understand half of what he is saying :P I mean i know what linux is and i kinda know what a node is but when you cant follow what he is saying its hard to enjoy

you are right , some things are not explained very well , even if elliot is describing approximately what he's doing...but you'll need a 10 hour videotutorial about the things he's doing :D
here's some of the stuff explained if you want to know what happened through the episodes (if you have patience reading all the articles :P)->
...and so on , from the last episode to the first i think , just search for the "mr. robot hack reports"

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General Off Topic / This is the fututre of gaming.
« on: August 15, 2016, 07:09:16 pm »

...i'm not

Torrented it, figured out the basics, went into a cave and got lost for 30 minutes and uninstalled.

Got cancer thats about it.

exactly my experience with the pirated version.
it's not even chilly , you have to stay always alerted with sentinels , your penis is freezing , some animals are hostile , life support is decreasing , you have to mine because ...well because.
the only cool things are you can learn alien language , the vastity (of the same) planets and the landing on them imo.

was hyped about NMS till the announcement , then Sony comes in , fucks all and suddenly NMS is considered an AAA game sold at 60 euro.
fuck off.

game seems enjoyable , chilly and such but no 60 euro for an indie game no pls.

i found D.Va as a playable hero after patch , if you manage your shield well , you can organize pushes or defenses very well instead of just flanking before patch.
the ulti is still not the best but you can catch them if you make a surprise ulti and they have no time to hide.
Zenyatta is the main focus now , he's annoying as hell , when i have discord on me , i feel dead already , even with tanks :(.
Ana is pretty good in escort maps (Attack) combined with a zen or lucio , Ana alone as support is useless , you must be a master sniper to heal all your team. Funny thigs to do wit Ana is using her sleep skill on a phara while hovering the ocean in ILIOS :D
Mc Cree is a god now , well he's got no movement buff but he's the new Widow mid range.
Mei is still lesbian.

i still think it's an alien conspiracy to get most of the nerds out of home and finally kidnapping them  to study their mind inserting some type of anal probe in them.

yes but ...they need to nerf Toblerone if not i uninstall.

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