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General Discussion / Re: Kill Dire Kill WOOF
« Last post by dreadnok on June 13, 2024, 02:20:34 pm »
Global hated retard, excuse me head retard
cRPG Technical problems / Re: leadership claim bug
« Last post by polkafranzi on June 13, 2024, 11:52:36 am »

It's signed!

I can only approved,

General / Re: LAST OASIS
« Last post by polkafranzi on June 09, 2024, 10:13:14 am »
Sadly i would not recommend spending any money on this game as there are so many others like it that actually have a decent combat system.

the building in this game is really great and there's many hours to be played collecting items, questing, and building your city.

however the combat on this game ruins it. you have to clear bandits almost anywhere you go and if you bring your villagers the bandits just wipe them out. ive spent a tone of time training my villagers skills and getting them geared up takes forever. not to mention they always put their F****** weapons up and when you need them to be armed the game just warns you that they don't have a weapon like you are gonna have time to stop combat and go re arm all of your villagers.

secondly the enemy npc moment is so garbage that its really hard to lead a shot with the bow which by the way is the only good weapon on the game because it gives you a chance to kite the enemies. the npcs almost always randomly run past you or over to the side which is just absurd. There is zero dodging on the game so get ready to get tagged by arrows constantly when fighting. Also the enemies will eventually run past you with zero stamina drain so if you let them past you they just run to your village at twice the speed you can run since stamina runs out in like 10 seconds even when you are well fed. then they kill all your villagers and ruin the whole game for you.

you pretty much have to bring villagers with you to fight off the bandits and just go ahead and expect them to die because like stated before the bandits focus on ruining the game and killing your villagers.

using swords is pretty much garbage as the npcs will block almost every hit and the way you have to use the mouse to swing your weapon is ass. if they have a shield you are screwed unless you have a villager helping or you are kiting them with a bow. also you pretty much have to do only head shots after you go into an area where its level 2+ because the armor pretty much blocks arrows and you'll do like 1/100th damage to their health bar. but if an enemy archer lands a shot on you fully armored up it takes like half of your health. Arrows also take a tone of inventory space and run short fast.

At the end of the day I love the building and stuff but the game is ruined by poor combat and npcs that just bum rush you so fast you cant even get a hit on them. be ready to get so mad as you progress in this game as combat is inevitable especially when it comes to liberating a town so that you can recruit specialist villagers to advance into the T2 buildings.

Due to this i give this game a 1 out of 5 star rating as the combat makes the game almost unplayable. hopefully one day the Devs will decide to make this game fun to play and not just constantly frustrating. there's a way to make the village raids come less but there's no way to make the npcs on easy mode or anything like that.

also it would be pretty cool if they added gates so when you fence off your town there aren't just open spots that the raiders can run around to and come right in and kill everyone off since the villagers turn into vegetables with no brains and cant arm their self even tho you build weapon racks all over town when you get raided...

I really like the building and making towns and what not so im gonna keep playing the game just maybe not as much. hopefully the devs can get their BS together and make the combat system in this game playable. Im trying to keep giving the game a chance and am hopeful for some combat updates.
cRPG Technical problems / Re: leadership claim bug
« Last post by polkafranzi on June 09, 2024, 10:11:59 am »
So you guys probably heard the rumours that we were in china for a year. It was an amazing and interesting experience.

However, it was a bit difficult to find enough and the right people for our crew there, so we decided to come back to europe to expand the team and finish here what we started.

We are now back in Europe, Poland to be specific. There's some donkeys who are no longer on board, and many new donkeys to meet and troll. You'll get to know them eventually.
We got a sweet office in Wroclaw, which is, btw, a beautiful and awesome city.

So obviously we've been working on a new project. It's very different from what we did before, thematically. It shares some... "game design ideologies", but it's really really different. In short, we were given freedom to work on what we want, and we did. We'll release more info about what that is at some point in the future.

The plan is to have a playable version in some months, and we'd like to give you guys the chance to participate in early tests, if you want.

Also, we're hiring: If you have any skills that you think might be relevant to us (or check ), and are willing to relocate, get in touch!

52 hours in an I must say this game is total crap. graphics wise its really pretty. Gameplay wise it totally sucks, combat is awful. A.I. of your brain dead stupid companions is horrible, they don't make very good meat shields.
If you enjoy mind numbing grinding then good for it. Wait for a sale, if you can get for less than $10 get it, I know I wish I did.
cRPG Technical problems / Re: leadership claim bug
« Last post by polkafranzi on June 09, 2024, 10:06:18 am »
Sell/Trade / Re: selling all looms
« Last post by polkafranzi on June 09, 2024, 10:05:29 am »
no sorry, unless of course they are diamond encrusted or gold plated.
Sell/Trade / Re: selling all looms
« Last post by Man of Steel on June 07, 2024, 04:54:55 pm »
Can I pay you Hosenknöpfe for them?
General Discussion / Re: The last remaining soldiers
« Last post by Wiegraf_BRD on June 07, 2024, 02:57:33 am »
Have you seen this man?  Missing: ASHERAMHave you seen this man?  Missing: ASHERAMHave you seen this man?  Missing: ASHERAMHave you seen this man?  Missing: ASHERAMHave you seen this man?  Missing: ASHERAMHave you seen this man?  Missing: ASHERAM
Sell/Trade / selling all looms
« Last post by polkafranzi on June 06, 2024, 08:00:47 pm »
Champion Heavy Ritter Horse
Champion Heraldic Barded Warhorse    
Elder's Noble Dagger    
Lordly Brown Surcoat over Mail    
Lordly Eyeslot Kettlehat with Padded Coif    
Lordly Gold Crusader Face Plate    
Lordly Heraldic Brigandine with Plate    
Lordly Plated Hauberk over Aketon    
Lordly Splinted Leather Greaves over Mail    
Lordly Steel Gauntlets    
Lordly Steel Greaves    
Lordly Zitta Bascinet    
Masterpiece Plain German Heater Shield    
Masterwork Ash Hunting Bow    
Masterwork Colored Lance with Yellow Band    
Masterwork European Cavalry Sword    
Masterwork German Bastard Sword    
Masterwork Staufen Arrows    
Masterwork Swiss Pike    
Masterwork Two Handed Sword    
Mighty Great Maul    
Mighty Morgenstern    
Mighty One-Handed Morgenstern    
Mighty One-Handed Morningstar    
Mighty Small One Handed Axe

pm for info and deals, thx
General Discussion / Re: The last remaining soldiers
« Last post by Yeldur on June 05, 2024, 05:08:39 pm »
im drunk n laughin at ur sheer retardendnss
so you small little cunt don´t want to say that you left uss because of this together with your brother? HA. seriously for every
shit on earth there is a reason. So where is the reason why you run so mad. and play some shitty class like HA or guy with dagger. And don´t lie you have those chars trolling all the time with them.
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