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Kill Dire Kill WOOF
« on: May 26, 2024, 03:14:01 am »
Two evil clan

teh dire cheat hak , bully, send the virus to my steam through art program, drink a lot of booze n say the evil racis thing to my people

woof clam tk me notorious tkers well known bad imvdiduals, HMB atck my vro snickelz, n insult the krem, and then   yel at my friend wow

plz kil these clams on sight, bad membranes of tehese cer rmpg community, Asheram tel me to let u all know it is the open season to game n u wil hunt n kill this dire and woo fon the sights
My response:  diet bro ur fat

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Re: Kill Dire Kill WOOF
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2024, 02:22:29 am »
Dude you are realy wrong,
how many times i saw you (krems) breaking rules or leeching or bro coding or using siege shield to camp unreachable roof and do the poser on it.
Ok it's funny one or two times but not all the times.

You guys have loads of amazing skilled players but when we have krems in team, i feel like starting with disavantage.
Because you generaly camp and hug at spawn or some other shit i said before.
It was the same with SOA.

One example, shanks is the kind of guy who could kill all enemies alone, but he generaly turn around or camp spawn and hug a team mate during 90% of the round time.

Everytime i want to report you guys because it's boring to loose because some team members are trolling.
But because i know you since long time, because i like you and because i know than behind this troll skin there is nice a guy.
I just take on me and do nothing.
(sry for too many "because" use =)

Since few days i'm asking a meeting with fin to speak about it.
Just to say than there is so many occasion to report you and one day you guys gonna fall against an asshole who gonna
start to screenschot (like i do) all your bullshit and make you ban/kick.

an other thing, in old times admins was rly strict and from outside it look like Fin is a bit laxist to his members. So as a friend i wanted to speak with him to tell him this.
Few month ago someone made a thread on me because i said "fucking jews" in game, Fin as the good guy he is, didnt banned me and just gave me a lesson, and i remember he told me something like :

"atm we have lot of new players and it's not giving a good image of the community."

he was right and i think we can apply this advise to krems.

So dude to make simple i like you guys, you are funny sometimes and you give a little plus to the game.
but i'm sick to work hard to win a round and level up my character to see some people (pretty always the same guys) doing bullshit instead playing the game.

dont forget it's a pvp war game, if you want some social stuff go on hello kittie online.

i'm sry but i like competition and i play to win, losing dont give me fun. I always did my best to have fun without ruining fun of others, ofc from an archer it can make you smile but seriously sometimes i have pity for some guys and stop shooting... my goal in the game is to support team mate and fuck cavs...

So please put your self in my point of view as competitor who take the game maybe a bit too seriously just for 2 min and think about it.

i'm sry for this shit english i guess it was painfull to read, i hope you understood my point of view and hope you read everything. =p

Long life to krems

Le pimp

ps : could you give me the krems forum plz ?
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Re: Kill Dire Kill WOOF
« Reply #2 on: June 13, 2024, 02:20:34 pm »
Global hated retard, excuse me head retard
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