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For those who do not know Dark Age of Camelot - It was a Tri-Realm game with a heavy focus on PvP and - in my opinion - the best pvp-mmo so far.

Large parts of the CU crew are former developers of DAoC, so this game can easily be considered DAoC successor - without EA involved!

The game will be PvP only! Since it is in alpha only there are not many informations, though if you want to have a guess what the game will be like, check out Dark Age of Camelot (
So far they ran a couple of test with several houndred of players in a small arena like area and the game runs smoothly, the only problems appearing are hardware issues on the user side, but no server/connection problems.

Beta starts in February, once it starts I'll write a proper review about it - you can still pledge money for the game and get beta access (

Game Balance Discussion / Nerf 1h cav damage.
« on: February 03, 2014, 12:33:54 pm »
I don't know why there is no thread for this on the first page, but srsly, 1h cav damage needs to get reduced. 1 hitting archers and even medium armored infantry is fine when you hit the head, but the damage output of 1h cav on a fast horse (destrier/rouncey/courser) is so high that it is possible to onehit tincans.
The only situation where lancers do better than 1h cav is while fighting HA/HX because the have a higher range, but except for that 1h cav has all of the advantages, therefore i think that the extra damage that 1h cav gets out of speed bonus should be reduced.
This would also encourage 2h cav players, since they will receive the same penalty when they use their 2h as 1h with shield, but if their damage while using a 2h on horse stays at it is now (actually even higher than 1h cav damage) they have an increased risk due to having no shield, but get the damage advantage out of it.

I really would appreciate 2 different inverntories for fiefs. 1 Inventory where I - the fief owner - put stuff in, this then gets used for battles if the fief gets attacked. And a 2nd inventory where the loot after the battle goes and also all the equipment other ppl put into a fief appears there. It is quite annoying to sort out the gear of the same fief every 3-4 days just because someone drops his gear off in a fief because he goes inactive for a while  :rolleyes:

Closed Requests / Ban Hera_
« on: May 20, 2013, 03:30:37 pm »
I just was palying on EU4 with my HA (Merc_Nemo) together with idzo and ariec.

Hera_ and bloody_hate were the last ones in the enemy team alive, and i was the only range left to shot them - both were cav. While i was shoting at bloody_hates horse hera started a kickpoll against me and it went through with 53%, my team lost afterwards.

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Strategus Issues / Bug with the "Paramerion"
« on: March 05, 2013, 02:05:37 pm »
Ive just seen that we got a couple of new items in crpg. Now i just browsed the list of 1hers in strat to see how much they cost and if theres any use in speccing them.
The "Paramerion" shows up with the picture of the shashka if you want to buy it in a fief.

Currently you can easily hide inside a castle/city with many players which produce lots of tickets for your defense while the attackers provide the equipment since you loot 50% of the used stuff everytime, maybe you get lucky and the attacker fails to lose all his tickets before the time runs out and then you have even more equipment.

I just had an idea how to balance this situation out - I haven't thought much about it yet, so it wont be perfect but i would like some input on this. So, what I suggest:

Remove automatic generation of population for fiefs.

Increase the population cap of fiefs.

City: 5000
Caste: 2500
Village: 1000

Step two:
When you attack a fief, the tickets the defenders lose should affect both, population and army, I'd suggest a 50/50 split. If you kill 1500 defenders 750 of the fiefs population and 750 of its army die.

Whats the idea behind this?

A) When the fief runs out of population tickets the attacker wins the battle, no matter how many army-tickets are inside this is kind of stupid^^


B) When the fief runs out of population the city cannot receive any reinforcements (gold, equipment,army) and army cannot be converted into population. This means that the army inside the fief is cut off from the rest of the world. Also the upkeep costs of an army that is stationed inside the city should increase to maybe 50% of the amount of gold that this army would take on the open field. If there is no attack on a city for 48 hours army can be converted into population again, which then allows you to put more troops&gear in and also gives you the possibilty to manage the fiefs equipment.

This would mean a city will be conquered after 10.000 tickets got killed. Well, thats not much, therefore my last idea to complete this:

Converting army to Population

Cities can only receive population boosts of 500 man
A 500 man army gives you 500 population. If you want to increase the cities population by another 500 you need to invest 1000 army. If you do it a third time it needs 1500 and so on.
This multiplicator should start to decrease by 1 per day after the city doesnt get attacked for 48 hours, so 72 hours to decrease it the first time.

This would make sieges on cites less random. If you want to defend your fief it will get more and more expensive since you have to spend an huge amount of army-tickets to keep the population over 0 if the siege lasts long enough, and if you don't fill up the population your fiefs army starves out because of the high upkeep.
Also it would force more open field battles. You need to stop the enemy on the open at least for some days so you can reinforce your city again and if it already gets besieged you will do more counterattacks out of the city.
In addition to that this would prevent fiefs being at 100% defensive power after every attack like it is now (another suggestion to prevent this was already made: walls should stay destroyed for some days after they got catapulted).

Input pls.

For everyone who misses DKI/DKII and wants it published!
Supported by the former DK developer team - moreover the current developers are trying to get Richard Riding (Mentor in DK) as speaker.

Since they reached their first goal of 150.000 Pounds the game is will be released at  the 30th of August 2013!

They managed to get another 75.000, so there will be Richard Ridings as Mentor again!

Btw, here is the link to the official site

Strategus General Discussion / Postpone Battles for 24 hours.
« on: November 21, 2012, 07:07:47 pm »
Since the current strat Battles aren't actually happening (once again :rolleyes:) it would be nice if the battles just would be postponed for 24 hours, or, if it takes longer until it works again even 48 so we actually now when the battles are going to happen.

Tomorrow morning at 10:00 CET the Mercenaries are going to besiege Curin Castle.
As we use to do for bigger battles, there will be a price for the best players in our team! The top-scorer on our side will receive 100.000 crpg-gold, the 2nd place will get 20.000 and the 3rd will get 10.000!

We provide equipment for every class, so make sure you kill as many nords as possible!

If you want to take part, make sure that you applied for the battle and be in our TS 20 minutes before it starts so we can do the rostercheck -!?page=battledetail&id=987

Best luck to everybody out there, the price is waiting for someone to claim it.

Nr1: Kapikulu_Guray
Nr2: Grumpy_Nic
Nr3: Fus_BRD

Need to solve some little problem first...

Suggestions Corner / Add knockdown to Spear/Warspear/Red Tassel Spear
« on: August 20, 2012, 07:21:19 pm »
The sideswing of the spears isn't the most viable attack, even though its blunt damage i lose about 5-10% health if i get hit by a sideswing of a masterwork Warspear (0 Ironflesh, 60 Body armor), the only usefull attack is the stab which deals less damage than other polearms do (just take a look at the normal poleaxe). Atm the sideswings are only good for doing better feinting than with awlpike.
Also some of the rly awesome weapons like the wooden stick or the club have a knockdown, therefore i think the spears also deserve one. This would make the warspear a more versatile weapon, it's not the best hoplite polearm (most of them use  Ashwood pike nowadays), but it would become very usefull once the shield is broken/sheated.

General Discussion / "All thine hard work" above lvl 30
« on: July 30, 2012, 11:03:00 pm »
Well, some patches ago i read this


A foreword: while this is a pretty major patch, there is not all in we'd like to have. We will soon add some features that we think you might like:
Removing all restrictions from 31+ (smithing, sacrificing, etc)
Removing all restrictions from alts (trading, etc) EXCEPT strategus. The only difference between a main and an alt will be that the main can fight strategus (ingame and website).
New rewards for retiring 31+ (afaik)

which acutally made me quite happy, by that day i managed to become lvl 33 once again.
Atm i'm 1 million xp far from 34, so i made ~40 million xp, which would be equal to 5 retirements, but within this 5 "generations" i didnt get this all thine hard work tick once.
So, did it not got implemented or am i just the unluckiest bundle of sticks in this game?

Suggestions Corner / Remove "Report Teamhit" from Eu/Na 3
« on: July 29, 2012, 03:49:17 am »
What the topic says.

It's completly pointless to have this feature on Eu/Na 3. If it's on duel mode you wont get any teamhits, and as soon as there's a Strat battle upcoming it is retarded super retarded to report his teammates. Especially with lagspikes or playing on the "wrong" server (Eu player on Na or the other way) it becomes very annoying if there are people acting like "oh, look, i got a teamhit while i was completely surrounded by enemies/allies, lets report him". In strat a team needs to work together even more than in normal battle mode, and therefore reporting teamhits and causing people to get kicked -> losing 1 ticket including equipment and then you need time to rejoin which you cannot use to support your team, is not productiv at all

There is no serious reason to keep it on the duel/strat servers, its always the same on strat that some people act extremly stupid when they get a teamhit...

Resolved Issues / [Bug] Picking up bolts in Strat Siege
« on: July 29, 2012, 02:35:08 am »
I'm playing in the Siege of Rivacheg atm and everytime i pick up a bolt out of an Invisible wall i get the Message "You set this at your spawn flag"
Ok, just died, my spawn didnt switch My spawnflag switched to the one that was closest to me, i also picked up bolts from the walls, you only receive that message if you pick up a bolt out of an invisible wall

Resolved Issues / Alt+Tab doesnt work properly
« on: July 26, 2012, 08:58:33 pm »
When i try to tab out while i'm in the Menu it keeps the crpg tab open on my main screen, i can move my mouse out of the first into the 2nd screen, but the main screen shows the crpg tab. Works properly once i'm in-game

Edit: Just recognized that i cannot tab back into the game, i see it on my screen but nothing happens if i press for example ESC

Sell/Trade / The 2 Handed Hero - Looking for +3 stuff
« on: April 14, 2012, 04:05:48 pm »
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Arnold = Hero
Arnold = 2her

2her = Hero

It's a fact.


Currently Trading:

2 LP + Gold

Various two handed weapons

(click to show/hide)
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(click to show/hide)

my old friendchery

(click to show/hide)
(click to show/hide)


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Looking for:

I am looking for other two handers, armors and LPs & Gold, but I will consider any good offer.

More heroic stuff

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