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Diplomacy / Now with added NA!
« on: September 09, 2013, 01:18:36 am »
I continued on from what I was doing here -

For those that can't be bothered reading the other thread.  All I have done is add each factions current troops to their expended troops and then calculated expended troops as a percentage of that total to give a score.

Included in the table are all existing land owning clans that have a total troop count (current + lost) of at least 5000.  Where clans have simply changed names I have attempted to find and add in their old losses as well for continuity.  Where more complicated diplomatic crap has occurred I have simply ignored it :D

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

Note: Take this with a pinch of salt as the numbers don't take into account any kind of circumstances whatsoever :D

Strategus General Discussion / Smaller Rosters
« on: August 31, 2013, 03:23:59 pm »
I'd like to suggest reducing maximum rosters sizes in Strat from 51 to 41 and scaling smaller rosters accordingly.  Obviously this will reduce the number of tickets kill-able in the battle times but people will easily adjust once they work out what the new optimum is (currently ~1800)

1) Easier to fill rosters in general.
2) Much easier for small clans to fill rosters and more impact from their limited number of players on the roster.
3) Harder for huge alliances/clans to keep everybody happy and therefore provides a natural but flexible cap on alliance size.
4) Less incentive for small clans to simply vassalise themselves to a bigger clan and merely fight in their battles whilst giving the bigger clan troops and gold.
5) More incentive for smaller clans to create their own battles and therefore wars.
6) More people making battles = more people capable of properly leading a strat clan = more diplomatic options and diversity in Strat = potentially more decent sized clans in the future.

Classic example: Quincy.  Sorry En_Dotter but what exactly have you done in Strat since taking over the Yalen area?  However who can blame you when the few players you do have can always get into whatever big battle is going on.  We've already seen that there is no longer any real incentive for big clans to stomp little clans so long as they aren't being annoying, so the only thing i can think of that is stopping small clans from having their own private wars against each other is the lack of incentive to do so.  Smaller rosters would at least help with this imo.

Another example: At the start of this Strat the Eastern block was very active and I remember the difficulty in keeping all the clans happy on our rosters.  We used to have to make sure we always had X Kapikulu, X Guards, X Templars, X SB, X Mercs and X Deserters on our rosters.  On top of that there were always a few key randomers that we liked to include plus 15-35 of our own Coalition players. If one battle we messed up and shorted a clan then they would get upset and complain.  Had the max roster size been just 40 we would have had to turn round to probably 2 or 3 of the clans listed above and told them there was nothing we could do to get them in and they would have to find some other way of getting battle time for their members.

Events & Tournaments / cRPG EU Clan League
« on: June 29, 2013, 08:37:26 pm »
    visitors can't see pics , please register or login

    The Clan League is back and we're now gearing up for season 2 so kick your leaders into action and get your clan involved

    - Clans are now ranked according to performance in all fixtures and assigned points
    - Prizes will be awarded to the highest ranked team and the most improved team each season so long as both teams have completed at least 16 fixtures during that season.
    - These fixtures can be played at any time during the season.
    - Seasons will last 6 months and are run back to back with no gaps.
    - The cut off dates for seasons will be the Sunday before Xmas Eve and the corresponding Sunday in June.
    - This means this next season will end at midnight CET on Sunday 22nd December
    - There is no cut off date for entry and clans can enter anytime by contacting an Admin
    - We are currently in the process of creating a webpage to handle and automate as much of the admin work as possible and the new season will start as soon as it is ready.
    - Rostering has changed (see below)
    - Crushthrough weapons are now allowed but will count towards your ranged/cav limit
    - Keep checking here for further announcements

    League Rules are as follows

    Team Entry
    (click to show/hide)

    Organising matches
    (click to show/hide)

    (click to show/hide)

    Server Settings
    (click to show/hide)

    Submitting results
    (click to show/hide)

    Equipment/Class Restrictions
    (click to show/hide)

    (click to show/hide)

    (click to show/hide)

    (click to show/hide)

    Important Note
    (click to show/hide)

    Approved Map List
    (click to show/hide)

    (click to show/hide)

    (click to show/hide)

    Click to go to the Tournament Website

    Tenne's To Do List
    (click to show/hide)
    [/list] - I have no idea why it insists on adding this :(

    Events & Tournaments / EU Clan League Season 2 discussion
    « on: June 24, 2013, 01:30:32 am »
    We're looking to start up season 2 of the EU clan League soon however we have a few suggestions that we'd like feedback on before we move on.  Some of these are pretty big changes so please read carefully.  Click for the old rules if you need to look them up.

    1) FORMAT

    First of all we are considering a change to a ranking system similar to the duel rankings.  Expected results are calculated based on each team's previous points ranking and then new ranking points are awarded depending on the actual result and how much it is better or worse than the expected result.  This system would be continuous with each season building upon the previous season to get a more accurate ranking for each team.  You would be able to play each opponent as many times as you want though and seasons themselves would be 6 months long. Cash prizes would then go to the top team (most points) and the most improved team (biggest points gain in the season) so long as the teams have completed at least 10 fixtures in the season window. To give you an idea under this system the final table from last season would have read:

    Byzantium - 1144 points
    Deserters - 1068 points
    Fallen Brigade - 1044 points
    Mercenaries - 1044 points
    HRE - 1012 points
    Templars - 968 points
    SB - 1068 points
    Kapikulu - 940 points
    Guards - 932 points
    Ecorcheur/Imperiale - 880 points

    The advantage of this system is that it is easier to find opponents and it is more casual overall with teams being able to fight as and when they have players available during the season.  If you want to hammer out all 10 fixtures in the first month of the season then this is fine.  Hopefully this will mean more clans can take part overall without having to commit to being active for long periods of time.

    I have a spreadsheet that calculates the points easily but also have an Ms SQL database that does it (I'd just need to host it somewhere).

    2) ROSTERS

    We'll definitely be moving away from the 30 player rosters but how far away is the question and we're definitely open to suggestions here.

    Option 1 - So long as the player has a correct banner for their team and is not active within another team with the same or any other character, then they are fine to play.

    Option 2 - ?

    3) Equipment Limits

    Option 1 - Stick with Eastern Star Scale and below as a limit on Body Armour and continue counting Heavy Horses twice compared to Light Horses.

    Option 2 - Apply a gold limit (like in the NA League) to curb the use of the heaviest armours/horses.

    First change the merc/roster system so that:
    1) You have unlimited mercs but only 50 can be spawned at any one time.
    2) You can make changes even during the battle to add new players (preferably in game using a kick function and an apply/accept function)

    Then make it so the re-spawn timers are based on:
    1) Your deaths
    2) The average number of deaths in the battle
    So if you have 50% less deaths than the average your re-spawn timer will be 50% of the default time.  If you have twice the average deaths you will have a re-spawn time equal to 200% of the default time.  Default should probably be 10 seconds. 

    Once your re-spawn timer has hit 0 you will be presented with an invitation to join the spawn queue which you must click to accept.  If you accept you will join the queue and finally spawn when it is your turn.

    Finally battle times will need to be directly proportional to the size of the smallest army in the battle or similar

    The above changes combined will mean
    1) All battles will be an appropriate length according to the size of the armies involved meaning attacking large garrisons is possible. Whilst a 5 hour battle may sound pretty hardcore for commanders it is no more hardcore than 4 battles in 4 straight days imo.
    2) Players can take breaks in battles, arrive late or leave early making them overall more casual for the average player.
    3) Commanders have more flexibility in their rosters meaning that it will be easier to maintain a full roster and kick unwanted players
    4) Huge garrisons are no longer such a big issue, you just need a big army and a free evening (proper server primetimes will probably be needed to keep huge battles involving more than X  troops within reasonable time frames).
    5) With enough mercs teams will always have players ready to spawn meaning more tickets can be used in less time, involving more players more frequently for more fun. 
    6) #5 inadvertently means spawn capping is only really going to be an option in battles where one team performs significantly better than their opponents.  Personally I think this is good though because it will leave more room for tactics within field battles instead of the usual charge spawn repeatedly until the defenders can't spawn quick enough to protect it.  There will still be an overall time limit to make sure the attackers do attack.
    7) It could cause a hell of a lot of drama if mid battle an entire clan switches sides and applies for the enemy.  Just imagine the rage :D
    8) good players that die less will rejoin the spawn queue quicker than bad players****
    9) Afk players won't be there to accept their queue invitation and so won't join it until they return.

    ****EDIT - this can be enhanced by splitting rosters into melee and ranged so players accepted as ranged will only be compared against the other ranged players in the battle for their re-spawn timer.  Since ranged often die less this will prob be needed. 

    Suggestions Corner / two suggestions
    « on: April 12, 2013, 01:20:51 am »
    1) Horses and Armour take up slots

    Light Horses (Sumpter-Palfrey) = 0 slot
    Medium Horses (Courser-Eastern) = 1 slot
    Heavy Horses (Barded and over) = 2 slots

    Super Heavy Armours (55-60BA) = 3 slots
    Heavy Armours (50-54BA) = 2 slots
    MediumHeavy Armours (45-49BA) = 1 slots
    All other Armours = 0 slots
    With similar splits on Boots, Gloves and Helmets*

    *It is your heaviest item of armour that determines the slots used up.  So Gothic Plate + Heavy Gauntlets, Gothic Plate + Leather Gloves & Leather Scale + Heavy Gauntlets all equal 3 slots.  This is to allow players to keep continuity with armour sets.

    Desired Result
    - People using the heaviest armour/horses are forced to compromise on weapons and vice versa
    - Can remove upkeep since stacking completely OP sets of equip is impossible

    - Regardless of what people think about them, slots have proven to be a good way of balancing weapon usage (No Great Maul + Danish OP heros).  Upkeep meanwhile has proven a bad way of balancing overall equipment usage.  So lets just use the good way and scrap the bad :)

    - Some 1H would need to be made 2 slots to keep variety
    - some more 2H and Polearms would need to be 3 slots

    2) Re-balance Xbows to the following stats (nerfs in red, buffs in green)

    Hunting Crossbow (cheap but pretty crap)
    Missile Speed: 40, Weight: 2.5, Accuracy: 80, Difficulty: 10, Speed: 175, Damage: 35p, slots: 1

    Light Crossbow (HA weapon)
    Missile Speed: 45, Weight: 3.0, Accuracy: 83, Difficulty: 12, Speed: 150, Damage: 47p, slots: 2

    Crossbow (Melee focused Hybrid Weapon)
    Missile Speed: 50, Weight: 3.5, Accuracy: 86, Difficulty: 14, Speed: 125, Damage: 59p, slots: 2, Can't Reload on Horseback,

    Heavy Crossbow (Crossbow focused hybrid weapon)
    Missile Speed: 55, Weight: 4.0, Accuracy: 89, Difficulty: 16, Speed: 100, Damage: 71p, slots: 2, Can't Reload on Horseback, Can't Sheath

    Arbalest (Pure Crossbowman Weapon)
    Missile Speed: 60, Weight: 4.5, Accuracy: 92, Difficulty: 18, Speed: 75, Damage: 83p, slots: 3, Can't Reload on Horseback, Can't Sheath

    Desired Result
    - Proper variation in xbows and reasons to use all of them not just 2 or 3

    Suggestions Corner / A new XP.Gold system
    « on: January 27, 2013, 06:56:02 pm »
    We all know the pros and cons of the current system and chadz has said they want to change it in the future so i won't go into them.  Instead here's a proposal for a new system that I would like to see:

    1)  XP
                       tickXP = 1500 + 1500 * (2 - MAX( Armour_Value / 30000, 1))

    Very simple
    - if you wear 30k of gear or less you will get 3k XP per tick
    - if you wear 60k of gear you will get 1.5k XP per tick
    - if you wear 90k of gear you will get 0XP
    - more than 90k of gear and you will lose XP per tick

    2)  GOLD
                         tickGOLD = 200 * (your_current_score / best_current_score)

    - The best person on the team will earn 200 gold per tick
    - People with 0 score will earn 0 gold per tick
    - People with negative score will lose money per tick

    3)  Round Bonuses
                           Winning a Round = 100 bonus gold per min that round lasted
                           Valour on losing side = 50 bonus gold per min that round lasted

    Overall the above means
    - no more repairs
    - to earn gold you have to fight (leeching will earn you nothing except the odd lucky round win bonus)
    - to earn XP you need to wear normal gear (but wearing crap gear won't gain you any XP advantage - so no more incentive for dressing as a peasant)
    - players have to balance gold gain vs xp gain and choose which to go for.  Therefore no more equipment/loom crutchers with no drawbacks

    - a proximity score bonus for ranged kills would be nice so that pikemen protecting archers are rewarded for good team play too.
    - loomed items should have increased values that count towards armour_value.  This slows down the XP gain of older players and gives new players a chance to catch up.
    - The figures used are based on non loomed values and are present to illustrate the idea and not as concrete values.

    Events & Tournaments / cRPG Clan League
    « on: January 20, 2013, 01:25:00 am »
    visitors can't see pics , please register or login

    The Fallen Brigade (and Tenne) would like to present a league based competition for cRPG Clans.

    Winner - 1,200,000 cRPG Gold
    Runner Up - 600,000 cRPG Gold
    note - these figures are pre tax

    Key dates
    Start - Saturday 9th February 00:01 GMT
    End - Sunday 7th April 23:00 GMT

    League Rules are as follows

    Organising matches
    (click to show/hide)

    (click to show/hide)

    Server Settings
    (click to show/hide)

    Submitting results
    (click to show/hide)

    Equipment/Class Restrictions
    (click to show/hide)

    NEW - Roster Changes
    (click to show/hide)

    (click to show/hide)

    (click to show/hide)

    Important Note
    (click to show/hide)

    Team Entry
    (click to show/hide)

    Approved Map List
    (click to show/hide)

    Duration & Prize
    (click to show/hide)

    For arrows we distinguish between arrow heads that were designed for armour penetration and arrow heads that weren't.  This is despite all the arrow heads being pointier than nearly all of the piercing polearms.  Why therefore do we not do the same for polearms?

    I propose that the following weapon thrusts be re-designated as "cut"

    Scythe, Boar Spear, Shortened Spear, Fauchard, Bamboo Spear, Great Lance, Spear, Light Lance, Long Voulge, Hafted Blade, Lance, Pike, Long Spear, Red Tassel Spear, War Spear, Long Bardiche, Double Sided Lance, Ashwood Pike, Long Hafted Blade, Partisan, Heavy Lance, English Bill, Swiss Halberd, Glaive & Great Long Bardiche

    This change combined with an appropriate damage re-balance should return spears to their true role of being mainly anti cav or anti light infantry weapons, whilst increasing the importance and value of the polearms that were designed to pierce armour such as the Awlpike and the Poleaxe.

    Here's my attempt to describe the most important problems with Strat 4 and then identify solutions to solve them with the minimum of work :D

    Problem 1:
    Too much of an advantage for defenders after winning a siege.
    Solution 1: Destroyed walls should stay destroyed for a minimum of 24 hours after a battle and after that they should have to be repaired using PP.
    Result: If you re-attack a Fief within 24 hours you don't have to redestroy the walls.  After that you may or may not have to depending on whether or not any PP have been saved up for repairs.

    Problem 2: Voting is a bit too hardcore
    Possible Solution 2: Remove the element of choice for normal faction members and make them automatically vote for their own faction in their nearest fief.  Faction Leaders then select a candidate for each fief from the list of their members voting for the specific fief.  So if 3 of my players vote for Jelbegi, I pick which one of them they are all voting for.  To stop clans amassing votes there should be a gradual penalty in vote strength for clans over 100 members.  To stop people joining other factions just for the voting then there should be a Strat Tick cost for swapping factions - you can go negative in Strat ticks due to this but won't be productive again until you regain the lost ticks.
    Result: Hopefully less stress on vote day :D

    Problem 3: It can be hard for small clans to fill rosters
    Solution 3: Smaller rosters for smaller battles. Big battles (1000vs1000 and over) should stay at 50vs50 but the small 100vs100 battles should decrease to 15vs15 imo instead of the current 25vs25 (ish).  Everything in between then scales.  On top of this allow all players to create a pseudonym for playing strat anonymously.  If your cover gets blown its your own fault but you can fight and build the reputaion of your fake character as if it were your main and use it to fight without worrying about diplomacy.
    Result: Easier to fill rosters

    Problem 4: Hard for individuals to protect what they have vs bigger clans/alliances
    Solution 4: Increase the level of free gear slightly and then give it to both sides in all battles, regardless of what gear they already have.  I'm talking Aketons, Nasal Helmets, Hunting Corssbows, Nomad Bows and Simple Swords here.
    Result: No naked battles ever and the gap between the best and worst equipped armies is narrowed.

    Diplomacy / Coalition Diplomacy Update (EU&NA)
    « on: November 29, 2012, 10:51:45 pm »
    The NA Coalition has been re-absorbed into the EU Coalition.

    This means
    1)  There is now no distinction between NA and EU Coalition and we have consolidated on the EU side of the map, selling off our NA holdings.
    2)  We consider the entire Coalition to be neutral with ALL NA factions from this point forward.
    3)  Our players are free to merc for whatever NA factions they want, although we still consider the merc arrangement with Teutonics to be unofficially in force for our NA players. This means it is now more of a gentleman's agreement than an official deal.  If you want mercs, just ask in TS.
    4)  Fallen_Loki is no longer part of the Coalition.  He is an independent raider and he is now banned from entering our lands. 
    5)  All EU diplomacy still stands.

    If you need to contact the Coalition then contact the following people:

    Main Diplomatic Contacts: Rogue_HRE or Fallen_Tomas
    Special Envoy to the court of High King Smoothrich: Tears_of_Destiny
    Trade: Harafat_HRE

    Strategus General Discussion / Strategus 4 FAQ
    « on: September 19, 2012, 01:18:12 pm »
    I will do my best to answer as many questions as possible in this topic.  Please do not spam it.

    1)  How do I make gold?

    - by playing cRPG you get 1 gold per x2 and x3 multiplier and 2 gold per x4 and x5 multiplier.  Confirmed as still being in the game by Alpha
    - you gain 10 gold every hour in Strat so long as you are not recruiting troops and still have Strat ticks from playing cRPG
    - trading goods by buying in 1 fief and selling in another fief will make you gold.  The price you sell your goods for depends on the goods price in the fief you are selling in and the distance to the fief you bought the goods in.
    - raiding goods from other players will allow you to sell them yourself for cash.
    - owning a fief will make you money through taxes

    2) What is the new distance bonus formula?

    -  The distance bonus formula is =IF(Distance<60,200*COS((Distance*PI()/60)-PI())+150,320+Distance/2)

    3) How do I buy goods and equipment?
    - simply walk into any fief and purchase them.
    - In order to buy goods you must have enough cash for the number you are buying and the fief must have enough supply and demand.

    4) What is supply and demand (S&D)?
    - This is the number of goods transactions that can be made in a given fief. 
    - A transaction is either the sale or purchase of goods and the number of goods per transaction depends on the fief's goods price
    - 5 gold price = 200% goods per transaction
    - 15 gold price = 100% goods per transaction
    - 25 gold price = 50% good per transaction
    - where Base goods per transaction = 1

    5)  What is prosperity?

    - Prosperity is the number of transaction a fief gains per day
    - This can be increased by production points

    6) How do I recruit?
    - Simply set your troop cap above your current number of troops and ensure you have strat ticks

    7) What is the upkeep on troops?
    - Upkeep = ceil((pow(#troops,1.6)*0.035 - 56) / 24)
    - Upkeep of garrisoned troops in fiefs = ceil((pow($troops, 1.02) * 1 - 100)/24)

    8) What are production points?

    - These are the points fief owners get in order to specialise their fiefs.
    - They can be invested into loomed items, discounted items, higher prosperity, altered tax rates or altered goods prices
    - Spent points can be respecced for a loss of 50% of points but this takes 7 days to take effect and if the fief is captured in that time the respec will be cancelled* needs confirming
    - Villages gain 1 PP per day
    - Castles gain 5 PP per day
    - Town gain 7 PP per day

    9) What was suggested for Strat 4 but left due to time restraints

    - AI Caravans and Bandits

    10)  How does the Towncenter work?
    - when you go to sell an item you will get the option to change the price from the default.  If you do this and increase the price the item will go on the marketplace instead.
    - everybody can see all marketplace offers but you have to be in the same fief to actually buy an item.
    - you only get the money if the item gets bought when using the marketplace

    11)  How does AI hiring work?
    - if you don't hire anybody on for your roster manually, the AI will step in and hire people
    - to override the AI simply remove everybody and then re-hire someone yourself

    12) How does auto peasant gear work?
    - if you are naked you get free peasant gear for all your troops
    - this gear will disappear after the battle
    - only defenders get free peasant gear

    Game Balance Discussion / Suggested change to Riding/Athletics skills
    « on: September 13, 2012, 01:57:50 pm »
    Make it so your combined Athletics/Riding skills cannot exceed half your Agility.

    EXAMPLE: with 18 agility you could have
    - 6 athletics, 3 riding
    - 5 athletics 4 riding
    - 4 athletics, 5 riding
    - 3 athletics, 6 riding

    - It nerfs hybrid Cav (of which there are currently too many due to all the high level chars in the game now)
    - It doesn't nerf pure Cav or Pure Inf.
    - Cav/Inf Hybrids will require high agility like all other hybrid chars do.

    - It might encourage Strength stacking at high levels even more as it will be the cheaper alternative.  However too much Cav is more annoying than too many Strength stackers so this is a price I would be willing to pay.
    - SoO will hate me and probably delete this thread :D

    - Combine the above with a general agility buff and you will negate the main con of the idea.

    Strategus General Discussion / Nighttime Feedback Required
    « on: August 24, 2012, 12:43:40 pm »
    We'd like some feedback on the following nighttime system especially if you think it is exploitable.

    1) You can set up to 18 hours of nighttime:
    2) You cannot reinforce or send troops or equipment during your nighttime.
    3) You cannot receive reinforcements when you are the attacking army during nighttime.
    4) There is a penalty associated with your nighttime equal to 2*#hours - 16 (eg 10 hours of nighttime would be 4%)
    5) The penalty only occurs during your nighttime and reduces income, increases troops costs, reduces movement speed, reduces recruitment rate
    6) It takes 1 week for a new nighttime setting to come into effect and there is a further week long cooldown before it can be changed again.

    Announcements / Strat 4 Announcement
    « on: August 02, 2012, 03:53:52 pm »
    Over the last few weeks the Dev and Beta testers have worked on and come up with the following Strat 4 Plan.  We are publishing the summary here for your comments and discussion so enjoy :D

    • Changes to goods crafting and recruitment system that mean no more sitting idle in fiefs, not actually doing anything. Recruiting and production of gold will happen everywhere, even while moving. Weapons and Items will be bought from fiefs, with varying costs. There is no more crafting.
    • Changes to trade that reduce the distance you need to travel for a good price but still reward traveling a long distance.
    • Customizable Fiefs to add variety and options for factions and fief owners. Fiefs steadily produce points that can be reset manually or by raiding a fief. Fief owners can use those to:       
      • increase heirloom state of items (default: broken)
      • decrease cost of items
      • increase or decrease default price of trade good
      • increase the amount of goods available for buying/selling
      • increase or decrease tax on items and goods
    • New Equipment tier system that makes it easier to get the looms you want, but makes it harder to make fully loomed armies.
    • Steeper troop upkeep graph that encourages smaller more numerous armies over larger armies as this gets more people involved.
    • No more neutral fiefs - players can do a hidden vote for a fief owner in the first 8h of the game. Being in a fief gives you a boost to your votes. You only have those initial 8h to reach a fief, though. So factions will have split up areas, which should increase the tension.
    • Fief Corruption for empires that grow too large, but done in a way such that faction splitting does not give you an advantage.  Corruption can still be overcome for organised factions that want to expand. Each faction will have to decide how much corruption it can cope with though.  Factions will also have a Vigilance rating that can decrease corruption.  Vigilance will be a war/fighting based score.
    • AI Bandits, AI Caravans (if possible) - also, the AI will auto hire for people who haven’t noticed they are getting attacked
    • People will get peasant gear when spawning naked. no more naked peasant genocide
    • All in all - a faster game

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