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« on: March 16, 2011, 02:20:56 pm »
chadz: most code and website related stuff. main developer.
cmpxchg8b: code
Espu: website
Haraldx: website
Ozin: code, rageball gamemode
Fasader: item unbalance
Urist: item balance
Shik: item balance and some crappy bow and weapon models
Varric: item balance, some shop pics, recoloured coat of plates.
Meow: destroyed wall meshes, rageball ball
final_boss: heirloom meshes/textures, new bow textures, new arrow/quiver meshes & textures. link , rageball nets and icons
IRC:// members: early beta testing and support

Newf: shuriken mesh
-IYI-O-R-T- face scarf mesh
CounterPoint391: hood and shurikens from Counterpoint's Creations, female frames for some of Narf's armours
Narf of Picklestink: Plate Armour pack, Transitional Armour pack, and Rus Armour Pack, Man at Arms pack
Dejawolf: Medieval Helmet Pack and Viking Model Pack, Valsgaarde Helmet
Faradon: Faradon's Weaponry 0.5
Njunja: black lamellar vest from Eastern Armor OSP
Shredzorz: Shrezorz' OSP Pack, black lamellar vest modifications
Sibylla: Hair meshes from Sibylla's Resource Pack
Rejenorst & Panpiper: female sounds
Yellowmosquito: Banner and Flag Standardization Pack
Talon: standard weapons upgrade pack
Kovas: reworked native items
Shagrath: black and red samurai textures
Yamabusi: Highlander Models Battlefield Priests for Calradia
Papa Lazarou: Combat Animation Enhancement Mod
Shawntheweirdo: firebomb mesh and texture
DRZ_Kopcap_osa: Druzhina armors
Elio: shop pictures
gutekfiutek: polished buildings textures
Iboltax: new head model and face textures
Highlander: name-seeing script
Tenka team: some samurai armor meshes and textures
Shpongled: Voice commands
Sunnetci_Dede: ottoman equipment
frell: kazakh outfit
Exxc: byzantion helmet mesh
Kajia: loading screens
Al Mansur: al mansur's helmet pack
Psiphoon: animations
Zimke Zlovoljni: Ottoman Turkish armors and clothes, Byzantine & Golden Horde Armours and MANY other items
Moeckerkalfie: some wooden fortification props
BeoBart: Ballista model
SB_Ulrich_Papal_Guard: fixed banner position on native heraldic armors
Justin R Durban: Kings and Kingdoms Music.
Epanody and for use of some female voices.
DaveUKR: mesh fixes, collision mesh fixes and other fixes
Jan Tuma: Burgonet Pack
Sacred Stone Head: Samurai armors
血與鋼: Chinese Song Dynasty pack
ganquang: phoenix wing helmet
autobus: halloween pack
matt2507 (item advisor): Light Leather rework, Swiss Longsword, French Greatsword, Mercenaries Sword, Two Handed Warhammer, Rawhide Coat rework, Strange Armor reworks, Steppe Armor rework, Plated Light Brigandine, Gilded Rus Scale Armor, Byrnja color variations, Foresters Tunic with Vest, Gilded Heavy Aketon, Nomad Armor rework, Pilgrim Disguise rework, Kazakh Armor rework
Senni__Ti (item manager): European Cavalry Sword, Heavy Greatsword rework, coding to add the items
Blackbow (item advisor): Steppe Armor rework, Heavy Aketon rework, Brown Hose, Pilgrim Disguise rework
Jona (item advisor): Eastern Lamellar with Jacket 3D rework
cflames (community contribution): Scottish Halberd
Mackie & xenoargh (OSP): Celtic Axe, Two Handed Throwing Axe, Bearded Axe
_Tak_ (item advisor) feat. Full Invasion 2 team: Gothic Knight Set, Black Gothic Knight Set, 16th Century Plate, Shynbaulds rework, Mail and Plate Boots, Plated Gloves, Polish Transitional Armor, Fleur-de-lis Tunic over Plate, Leather Ranger Armor, Grey Tabard over Mail and Plate, Brown Tabard over Mail and Plate, Black Studded Leather over Mail
Daruvian (item advisor): Worn Robe texture fix
jacko (cRPG developer): Katzbalger, Kriegsmesser
Tydeus, San, Senni__Ti, Huscarlton_Banks, Macropus, Gurnison (balancers): feedback and quality assurance
Shredzorz (OSP): 15th century weapons pack
Panuru (item advisor): Item advisor team coordination, item proposals, Black Studded Leather over Mail
Viscount: visual enhancements and work with OSPs
Cajun: website item images
Yeldur, Pablo, Finse, Tore: item management
Draugr_the_Greedy: visual enhancements
Assington: visual enhancements
Sikomor: helmet and axe
Gekokujo mod: their lovely japanese-inspired items
Serega: Rus shield and sword
Spak: Quivers and arrows
Judie: visual enhancements
Lord Jamestown: nordic shields remake
K700: WSE2 updates
Dupre: crpg
And many thanks to all the players and donators for their support.

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