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Official Server Rules
« on: March 01, 2011, 12:53:00 am »
These rules apply to official servers:
- EU_cRPG_x (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)
- NA_cRPG_x (1,2,3,6,7)

"first rule of em all: common sense"
    ~ chadz

If your common sense is not working, here are some more specific guidelines. This is not an explicit list, common sense always overrides disputes. Do not come crying "it's not prohibited in the rules" if you invent a new creative way to be an idiot and get punished.

Behavior rules
  • No offensive behavior anywhere
    • Remember that this is the internet. Don't be insulted if someone calls you an idiot. General shit talking in game isn't a problem, however, if it becomes constant to the point where it starts to become harassment, this is the point where we will start to take action if reported.
  • No offensive character names. If in doubt about a name, pick another one.

Limitation of punishability
  • An offense that has happened 6 or more months ago is no longer punishable, unless it is a very serious, uncommon offense (e.g. account theft)
General rules
  • No exploiting of any kind
    • NOT OK: Bypassing the autobalance
    • NOT OK: Modifying game files to gain undeserved benefits
    • NOT OK: Using a bug to gain undeserved benefits
    • NOT OK: Leaving and rejoining to server to spawn more than once in a round
  • No intentional teamwounding/teamkilling during a round (teamkilling friends after a round ends is allowed, teamkilling random people is not)
    • NOT OK: killing the Viscount to change map
  • No malicious griefing of teammates (kickspamming, blocking, etc.)
  • No drawing/delaying the round on purpose (i.e. running away or camping unreachable places when you're one of the last people alive)
    • OK: running away and shooting enemies that are reachable by projectiles
    • NOT OK: running away or avoiding confrontation when there is nobody to shoot in range or everyone is behind cover.
    • NOT OK: running away or avoiding confrontation to search for ammo
    • NOT OK: dueling while many people (20+) are on the server
  • No abuse of in-game chat (racism, insulting, griefing, spamming...)
    • NOT OK: Intentionally using racial slurs towards any player, admin, between friends
    • NOT OK: Continued use of a slur after being explicitly told what it means
  • No random kick/ban polls. Always specify reason before starting a poll
    • OK: poll-kicking a leecher
    • OK: poll-kicking an intentional teamkiller
    • NOT OK: poll-kicking someone who involuntarily hurt you
    • NOT OK: poll-kicking someone because you don't like his playstyle
  • No leeching
    • OK: Being a bad player and getting no kills
    • NOT OK: Standing around away from keyboard. If you're away, switch to spectator mode
    • NOT OK: Running around without no weapon. Not contributing is leeching, naked runners don't contribute. This point does not apply to Rageball, as long as you are actually playing the game.
    • NOT OK: Autorunning your char to enemy to die
  • Glitching is allowed, being an asshat isn't
    • OK: hiding (e.g. in the hay)
    • NOT OK: hiding when last man standing (i.e. delaying)
    • NOT OK: using a siege shield to reach a roof that can't be reached normally
    • NOT OK: camping unreachable places
    • NOT OK: exploiting invisible barriers
    • NOT OK: going out of map bounds (if you can see unfinished parts of the map, then you should not be there)
    • NOT OK: ladderpulting
  • No siege equipment spam
    • OK: Planting ladders to get to roofs or walls
    • OK: Blocking a door with a construction site
    • OK: Planting siege shields to provide cover from ranged fire
    • NOT OK: Creating a weapon rack and spawning more than a few items to block movement
  • If you're stuck, change team to spectators or rejoin the server, otherwise you will be considered a leecher.
  • IRL Griefing
    • NOT OK: The use of a person's real life information as a means to grief them is unacceptable and will be dealt with harshly. This is however very much based on context and common sense, and would be dealt with on an individual case by case basis.

Duel mode specific rules
  • All types of duels are allowed (ranged, mounted, shield, heavy armor...) if both duelists agree
  • No following or face-hugging the other duelist before the duel countdown has ran out - either hold your starting position or back-pedal if you want some distance between you and your opponent
  • No running away or going into unreachable places

Siege mode specific rules
  • No opening the gates as defender
  • No stopping on ladders and blocking your team-mates on purpose

Breaking a rule may net you a warning, mute, kick or ban at admin discretion depending on severity of rule broken and player history (yes, repeated offenders are treated more harshly). In minor offences you usually get a written warning first, in more severe cases you might get kicked or even banned immediately.

If you ever get kicked, consider that a serious warning - you are obviously doing something wrong. If you are unsure what it is, re-read these rules and/or ask the admin in question what the kick was for in a civilized manner. If you're a hot-headed type, perhaps take a few minutes to cool off before going back to shout at the admin. Same goes for all interaction with the admins, act properly and you will most likely be received better.

Voted bans last for 1 hour. These cannot be lifted by admins and are automatically removed after the time is passed.

Admin bans can be either temporary (1 hour) or "permanent". Permanent does not mean permanent in most cases, usually it's a day or two. If you are in a rush or think you have been unjustly banned, post in EU or NA unban sections (read the first post and follow the rules). Again, civilized behavior might do you some good, raging/lying just prolongs the duration of the punishment.

Admins are human too, so mistakes can happen. We are terribly sorry for not being perfect and are working on replacing all players and admins with computers for optimal performance.
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Re: Official Server Rules
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2011, 01:02:55 pm »
Added rule about siege equipment spam.